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Session 2: Mechanisms that regulate North Pacific ecosystems: Bottom up, top down, or something else?

Vera N. Agostini, Andrew Bakun and Robert C. Francis
Larval stage controls on sardine recruitment variability: Predation or food availability?
pdf (0.5 MB)

Kerim Y. Aydin, Sarah K. Gaichas and Patricia A. Livingston
Wasp-waist control and beer-belly oscillations: An evaluation of population hypotheses in the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska
pdf (1.3 MB)

Richard J. Beamish and Gordon A. McFarlane
The natural regulation of long lived fishes and the impact of "longevity over fishing"
pdf (0.8 MB)

Philippe Cury
Who is controlling whom in marine ecosystems: Observed changes, possible mechanisms and trends in top-down, bottom-up and wasp-waist controls
pdf (4 MB)

Kenneth F. Drinkwater
Marine ecosystem responses to the warming of 1920s and 1930s in the northern North Atlant
pdf (6.22 MB)

John C. Field, Robert C. Francis and Kerim Y. Aydin
Top-down modeling and bottom-up dynamics: Linking fisheries-based multispecies models with climate hypotheses in the Northern California Current
pdf (2.32 MB)

Vladlena V. Gertseva, Thomas C. Wainwright and Vladimir V. Gertsev
Juvenile salmon survival in coastal waters of the Northeast Pacific Ocean: Top-down or bottom-up control?
pdf (0.3 MB)

Anne B. Hollowed and Vera N. Agostini
A review of the role of environmental disturbance and resource partitioning as a source of population regulation in marine ecosystems
pdf (5 MB); ppt slide (0.5 MB)

Alexander Kitaysky and Alan Springer
When, where and why Steller sea lions experience physiological stress - Evidence from stress hormones and diet quality
pdf (0.9 MB)

Hiroyuki Matsuda
How to test, use and manage sardine-anchovy-chub mackerel cycles
pdf (0.5 MB)

Bernard A. Megrey and Francisco E. Werner
Evaluating the role of top-down versus bottom-up ecosystem regulation from a modeling perspective
pdf (4.8 MB)

Franz J. Mueter, Michael C. Palmer and Brenda L. Norcross
Bottom-up and top-down controls of walleye pollock on the Eastern Bering Sea shelf
pdf (2.7 MB)

Jeffrey M. Napp, George L. Hunt Jr., Sue E. Moore and Christine T. Baier
Who is regulating zooplankton production (or How to resolve issues of control)?
pdf (0.5 MB)

Jennifer L. Nielsen and Gregory T. Ruggerone
Top-down and bottom-up linkages among climate, growth, competition, and production of sockeye salmon populations in Bristol Bay, Alaska, 1955-2000
pdf (0.9 MB)

Mary E. Power
Food webs, fluxes, and flow paths: A fluvial perspective
pdf (7 MB); ppt slide (1.3 MB)

Yasunori Sakurai, Sachi Miyanaga and Jun Yamamoto
Why do ommastrephid squids increase in abundance during warm regimes?
pdf (5 MB)

William Sydeman, John Calambokidis, Derek Lee, Steve Ralston, Dave Johnston, Chet
Grosch and Francisco Chavez

Phase relationships and controls of the upwelling-dominated central California Current ecosystem
pdf (2.4 MB)

Akinori Takasuka, Yoshioki Oozeki, Ichiro Aoki, Ryo Kimura, Hiroshi Kubota and Takashi

Differential optimal temperatures for growth of larval anchovy and sardine: A potential mechanism for regime shifts?
pdf (0.6 MB)

Yongjun Tian, Hideaki Kidokoro and Tatsuro Watanabe
Long-term changes in fisheries production of the Japan Sea with emphasis on the impacts of fishing and climate regime shifts during the last three decades
pdf (0.4 MB)

Jie Zheng and Gordon H. Kruse
Recruitment variation of eastern Bering Sea crabs: Density-dependent, "climate-control", or "top-down" effects?
(pdf 2.5 MB)

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