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Session 4: Hot spots and their use by migratory species and top predators in the North Pacific

Daniel Costa, Barbara Block, Steven J. Bograd, Randy Kochevar and TOPP Science Team
Tagging of Pacific Pelagics (TOPP): Using electronic tags to discover hot spots in the pelagic realm
pdf (21 MB)

Peter Etnoyer, D. Canny, B. Mate and L. Morgan
Persistent pelagic habitat in the Northeast Pacific
pdf (8.5 MB)

Yoshihiro Fujise, Koji Matsuoka, Hiroto Murase, Shigetoshi Nishiwaki and Hidehiro Kato
Existence of hot spots of large sized baleen whale concentration in pelagic zone of the western North Pacific; its biological and oceanographical features
pdf (3.3 MB)

Vincent F. Gallucci and Gordon H. Kruse
Recent advances in knowledge of cold water sharks in the North Pacific Ocean
pdf (5.3 MB)

Scott M. Gende and Mike Sigler
Persistence of prey “hot spots” in southeast Alaska
pdf (4.2 MB)

Rogelio Gonzalez-Armas, A. Muhlia-Melo, A. Trasviña-Castro, G. Gutierrez De Velasco, A. Valle-Levinson and R. Funes-Rodriguez
Differences in large pelagic fish larvae and zooplankton volumes over and around a seamount in the Gulf of California
pdf (5.1 MB)

K. David Hyrenbach, William J. Sydeman, Ken H. Morgan and Peggy P.W. Yen
Upper-trophic predator hot spots in the California Current system: A retrospective analysis of marine bird and mammal communities

Sukyung Kang, Suam Kim, Kevin Telmer, David Welch and Youn-Ho Lee
Configuration of migratory history based on analyses of stable isotopes and trace elements in otolith of the North Pacific chum salmon
pdf (0.9 MB)

Shingo Kimura and Katsumi Tsukamoto
Landmark for the spawning of Japanese eel
pdf (0.7 MB)

Takashi Kitagawa, Andre Boustany, Chris Perle, Charles Farwell, Tom Williams, Heidi Dewar and Barbara Block
Horizontal and vertical movements of juvenile bluefin tuna (Thunnus orientalis) in relation to seasons and oceanography in the eastern Pacific
pdf (2.1 MB)

Youn-Ho Lee, Geoyoung Kang, Woongsic Jung, Ki-Baek Seong, Suam Kim and Gisic Min
How to discriminate the aggregated stocks of migratory species according to their origins: A simple and quick PCR method utilizing stock-specific single nucleotide polymorphisms
pdf (2.6 MB)

Hiroshi Ohizumi and Hikaru Watanabe
Stomach contents of toothed whales in relation to prey distribution in the North Pacific
pdf (1.2 MB)

Ivonne Ortiz and Kerim Y. Aydin
Hot spots for dining - A groundfish’s view
pdf (1.9 MB)

Douglas C. Reese and Richard D. Brodeur
Identifying biological hot spots within the northern California Current
pdf (1.9 MB)

Robert S. Schick and Molly Lutcavage
Using GIS to locate pelagic hot spots for bluefin tuna
pdf (3.7 MB)

Franklin B. Schwing, Steven J. Bograd, Cara Wilson, Petra M. Stegmann, Barbara Block and Daniel Costa
An oceanographic basis for identifying biological hot spots
pdf (6.2 MB)

Robert Suryan, David Hyrenbach, Fumio Sato, Kiyoaki Ozaki, Gregory Balogh, Paul Sievert, Daniel Roby and David Anderson
Foraging destinations of short-tailed albatrosses (Phoebastria albatrus) in the Northwest Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Alaska, and Bering Sea
pdf (11 MB)

Anatoliy Ya. Velikanov
Seasonal frequency of pelagic fish species in some micro-regions of the southwestern Okhotsk Sea
pdf (1.6 MB)

Brian K. Wells, Churchill B. Grimes and Jim Waldvogel
The effects of ENSO events on California chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) as revealed by scale increment analysis
pdf (2.5 MB)

Cara Wilson
Chlorophyll hot spots in the oligotrophic North Pacific Subtropical Gyre
(pdf 4.9 MB)

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