PICES XIII Annual Meeting Presentations
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Session 1: Science Board Symposium
Beyond the continental slope - complexity and variability in the open North Pacific Ocean

Session 2: BIO Topic Session
Mechanisms that regulate North Pacific ecosystems: Bottom up, top down, or something else?

Session 3: BIO Topic Session
Role of gelatinous zooplankton in coastal and oceanic ecosystems

Session 4: FIS/BIO Topic Session
Hot spots and their use by migratory species and top predators in the North Pacific

Session 5: MEQ Topic Session
Introduction of marine species

Session 6: MEQ Topic Session
Marine protected areas

Session 7: POC/MONITOR Topic Session
Application of global observing systems to physics, fisheries, and ecosystems

Session 8: POC Topic Session
The impacts of climate change on the carbon cycle in the North Pacific

Session 9: CCCC Topic Session
The impacts of large-scale climate change on North Pacific marine ecosystems

Session 10: CCCC/MODEL Topic Session
Modeling approaches that integrate multiple spatial scales and trophic levels between shelf and open oceans

Session 11: TCODE Electronic Poster Session
Data visualization of open ocean processes in the North Pacific

BIO Paper Session

FIS Paper Session

Workshop 1: CCCC Workshop
Micronekton sampling gear intercalibration experiment

Workshop 2: CCCC/REX Workshop
The seasonal cycle of plankton production in continental shelf waters around the Pacific Rim

Workshop 3: CCCC Workshop
Linking open ocean and coastal ecosystems II

Workshop 4: PICES/CLIVAR Workshop
Scale interactions of climate and marine ecosystems

Workshop 5: MEQ Workshop
Developing a North Pacific HAB data resource II

Workshop 6: MBM-AP Workshop
Combining data sets on diets of marine birds and mammals II

HAB Meeting

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