PICES XIV Annual Meeting Presentations
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Presentations by Organizations / program to Governing Council

Session 1: Science Board Symposium
Mechanisms of climate and human impacts on ecosystems in marginal seas and shelf regions

Session 2: BIO Topic Session
Life history and ecology of euphausiids in coastal and oceanic waters around the Pacific Rim

Session 3: BIO Topic Session
Factors affecting distribution, foraging ecology, and life histories of top predators in the northwestern Pacific Ocean and its marginal seas

Session 4: CCCC / CFAME Topic Session
The comparative response of differing life history strategists to climate shifts

Session 5: CCCC / MODEL Topic Session
Modeling climate and fishing impacts on fish recruitment

Session 6: FIS / CCCC Topic Session
Evidence of distributional shifts in demersal fish in relation to short/long-term changes in oceanographic conditions

Session 7: MEQ/FIS Topic Session
Current and emerging issues of marine and estuarine aquaculture in the Pacific region: Carrying capacity, ecosystem function and socioeconomics

Session 8: MEQ/FIS Topic Session
Ecosystem indicators and models

Session 9: MEQ Topic Session
Ecological effects of offshore oil and gas development and oil spills

Session 10: TCODE Topic Session
Marine data management and delivery systems to support ecosystem monitoring

FIS Paper Session

POC Paper Session

Workshop 1: MEQ Workshop (n/a)
Review of selected harmful algae in the PICES region: I. Pseudo-nitzschia & Alexandrium

HAB Section Meeting (n/a)

Workshop 2: MEQ Workshop
Introduced species in the Norh Pacific

Workshop 3: IFEP/MODEL Workshop
Modeling and iron biogeochemistry: How far apart are we?

Workshop 4: MONITOR Workshop
Filling the gaps in the PICES North Pacific Ecosystem Status Report


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