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Session 4: Synthesis of in situ iron enrichment experiments in the eastern and western subarctic Pacific

Philip W. Boyd (Invited)
Mesoscale iron enrichments - A valuable tool to understand how Pacific HNLC waters function
(pdf, 0.9 Mb)

Atsushi Tsuda, Shigenobu Takeda, Hiroaki Saito, Jun Nishioka, Yukihiro Nojiri and Isao Kudo
SEEDS I summary

Paul Harrison, Maurice Levasseur, Philip Boyd, C.S. Wong, Richard Rivkin and Tom Pedersen
Mesoscale Fe enrichment produces a large diatom bloom, draws down CO2, but with limited production of DMS and carbon export in the NE Subarctic Pacific
(pdf, 3.8 Mb)

Hiroaki Saito and SEEDS II participants
SEEDS II summary
(N/A, permission denied)

Daisuke Tsumune, Jun Nishioka, Akifumi Shimamoto, Yutaka Watanabe, Shigenobu Takeda and Atsushi Tsuda
The physical behavior of the iron patches detected by SF6 tracer during SEEDS-I and SEEDS-II
(pdf, 2.3 Mb)

S. Takeda, J. Nishioka, C.S. Wong, W.K. Johnson, M. Kinugasa, Y. Kondo, K. Kuma,
S. Nakatsuka, H. Obata, E. Roy, M. Sato, N. Sutherland, Y. Sohrin, H. Takata, H. Tani, A. Tsuda and M.L. Wells

Iron geochemistry of SEEDS-I, -II and SERIES
(pdf, 0.4 Mb)

Jun Nishioka, Tsuneo Ono, Hiroaki Saito, Takeshi Nakatsuka, Shigenobu Takeda, Takeshi Yoshimura, Koji Suzuki, Kenshi Kuma, Shigeto Nakabayashi, Humio Mitsudera and Atsushi Tsuda
Iron supply to the western subarctic Pacific: Importance of lateral iron transport from the Sea of Okhotsk and winter mixing
(pdf, 0.8 Mb)

Yukihiro Nojiri, Keiri Imai and Takafumi Aramaki
Analysis of changes in water and particulate material chemistry during iron-enrichment experiments in the subarctic North Pacific (SEEDS, SERIES and SEEDS-II)
(pdf, 2.8 Mb)

Takeshi Yoshimura, Hiroshi Ogawa, Keiri Imai and Jun Nishioka
The dynamics of dissolved organic matter during in situ iron enrichment experiments in the subarctic North Pacific
(pdf, 0.2 Mb)

Koji Suzuki, Hiroaki Saito, Akira Hinuma, Hiroshi Kiyosawa, Akira Kuwata, Kyoko Kawanobe, Toshiro Saino and Atsushi Tsuda
Comparison of community structure and photosynthetic physiology of phytoplankton in two mesoscale iron enrichment experiments in the NW subarctic Pacific
(pdf, 0.3 Mb)

Charles G. Trick, William P. Cochlan, Mark L. Wells and Julia N. Betts
Complexity of grow-out experiments: Further iron stimulation of planktonic communities from the iron-fertilized mesoscale patch during SEEDS
(N/A, permissin denied)

Isao Kudo, Yoshifumi Noiri, Jun Nishioka, Yousuke Taira, Hiroshi Kiyosawa and Atsushi Tsuda
Phytoplankton community response to Fe and temperature gradients in the NE (SERIES) and NW (SEEDS) subarctic Pacific Ocean
(pdf, 1.4 Mb)

Mark L. Wells, Charles G. Trick, William P. Cochlan and Julian Herndon
The persistence of iron limitation during the SEEDS-II mesoscale iron enrichment experiment
(N/A, permissin denied)

Atsushi Tsuda, Hiroaki Saito and Akash R. Sastri
Meso- and microzooplankton responses in the iron-enrichment experiments in the subarctic North Pacific (SEEDS, SERIES and SEEDS-II)

Maurice Levasseur, Anissa Merzouk, Martine Lizotte, Michael Scarratt, Sonia Michaud, Yvonnick Le Clainche, Chi Shing Wong and Richard Rivkin
Impact of iron enrichment on DMS cycling in the subarctic Pacific: A synthesis of SERIES and SEEDS-II
(pdf, 0.9 Mb)

Ippei Nagao, Shinya Hashimoto, Shuji Toda, Shungo Kato, Yoshizumi Kajii, Yasushi Narita, Mitsuo Uematsu, Atsushi Tsuda, Hiroaki Saito and Koji Suzuki
Seawater and atmospheric DMS concentrations during SEEDS-II (Western North Pacific)

Yoko Iwamoto, Yasushi Narita and Mitsuo Uematsu
Single particle analysis of oceanic suspended matters during SEEDS-II
(pdf, 0.8 Mb)


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