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Workshop 9: Micronekton sampling gear inter-calibration experiment

Evgeny A. Pakhomov, M.P. Seki, A.V. Suntsov, R.D. Brodeur and K.R. Owen
Comparison of three sampling gears during the first Micronekton Intercalibration Experiment (MIE-1): Size composition of selected taxonomic groups and total macroplankton and micronekton
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Andrey V. Suntsov, Michael P. Seki, Evgeny A. Pakhomov and Richard D. Brodeur
Diversity and abundance of Hawaiian ichthyoplankton: Comparison of three types of midwater nets
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Orio Yamamura, Hiroya Sugizaki, Shin-suke Abe, Kazuhiro Sadayasu, Ryu-ichi Matsukura, Kazushi Miyashita, Akihiro Hino and Tadashi Tokai
Inter-calibration of micronekton sampling gear during the 2005 MIE-2 cruise
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Hiroki Yasuma, Kazushi Miyashita and Orio Yamamura
Acoustic identification and density estimate of a lanternfish, Diaphus theta, off Hokkaido, Japan
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