PICES XV Annual Meeting Presentations
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Presentations by Organizations / program to Governing Council

Session 1: Science Board Symposium
Boundary current ecosystems

Session 2: BIO/FIS Topic Session
The human dimension of jellyfish blooms

Session 3: BIO Topic Session
Interactions between biogeochemical cycles and marine food webs in the North Pacific

Session 4: BIO Topic Session
Synthesis of in situ iron enrichment experiments in the eastern and western subarctic Pacific

Session 5: BIO Topic Session
Advances in epi- and meso-pelagic ecosystem research

Session 6: CCCC Topic Session
Modeling and historical data analysis of pelagic fish, with special focus on sardine and anchovy

Session 7: FIS/CCCC Topic Session
Key recruitment processes and life history strategies: Bridging the temporal and spatial gap between models and data

Session 8: FIS/MEQ Topic Session
Aquaculture and sustainable management of the marine ecosystem

Session 9: MEQ Topic Session
Harmful algal blooms in the PICES region: New trends and potential links with anthropogenic influences

Session 10: POC/MONITOR/CCCC Topic Session
Synchronous and asynchronous responses of North Pacific boundary current systems to climate variability

CCCC Paper Session

FIS Paper Session

POC Paper Session

Workshop 1: IFEP/MODEL
Modeling iron biogeochemistry and ocean ecosystems

Workshop 2: FIS Workshop
Linking climate to trends in productivity of key commercial species in the subarctic Pacific

Workshop 3: MEQ/FIS Workshop
Criteria relevant to the determination of unit eco-regions for ecosystem-based management in the PICES area

Workshop 4: MEQ Workshop and HAB Meeting
Review of selected harmful algae in the PICES region: II. Dinophysis and Cochlodinium
and HAB-S Meeting

Workshop 5: POC Workshop
Evaluation of climate change projections

Workshop 6: MONITOR/TCODE Workshop
Data management, delivery and visualization of high-volume data products

Workshop 7: CCCC/CFAME Workshop
Climate forcing and marine ecosystems

Workshop 8: BIO/POC Workshop
Responses of marine mammals and seabirds to large-scale and long-term climate change: Mechanisms of environmental forcing

Workshop 9: MIE-AP Workshop
Micronekton sampling gear inter-calibration experiment


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