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Session 1. The changing North Pacific: Previous patterns, future
projections, and ecosystem impacts

Kenneth Denman (Keynote)
The North Pacific, human activity, and climate change
(waiting for permission)

Richard. A. Feely, Christopher L. Sabine, Victoria Fabry, Robert Byrne, J. Martin Hernandez-Ayon, Debby Ianson and Burke Hales (Invited)
Ocean acidification: Present status and future implications for marine ecosystems in the North Pacific
(permission to post denied)

Gregory M. Flato (Invited)
A brief summary of results from the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report
(permission to post denied)

William J. Merryfield and Suelji Kwon
Changes in North Pacific mixed layer depth in the 20th and 21st centuries as simulated by coupled climate models
(pdf, 0.5 Mb)

Muyin Wang and James E. Overland
Future climate of North Pacific projected by IPCC models
(pdf, 1 Mb)

Yasunori Sakurai and Michio J. Kishi (Invited)
Prediction of life strategy and stock fluctuation of the Japanese common squid, Todarodes pacificus, related to climate change during the 21st century
(pdf, 3.3 Mb)

Steven A. Murawski (Invited)
Integrated ecosystem assessments: The first step in ecosystem-based management of living marine resources
(pdf, 1.8 Mb)

Francisco E. Werner, Bernard A. Megrey, Michio J. Kishi, Kenneth A. Rose, Shin-ichi Ito, Yasuhiro Yamanaka, Maki Noguchi-Aita and Taketo Hashioka
Extensions of the NEMURO models for use in studies of future climate scenarios
(waiting for permission)

Dave Preikshot and Nathan Mantua
Comparisons of modeled climate and lower trophic level time series for the North Pacific from 1950 to 2002
(pdf, 0.4 Mb)

Emanuele Di Lorenzo and Niklas Schneider
A North Pacific gyre-scale oscillation: Mechanisms of ocean’s physical-biological response to climate forcing
(pdf, 10 Mb, upon request)

Yaqu Chen, Zhijie Hu, Weifeng Gu, Yonghua Jiang, Weimin Quan and Liyan Shi
Long-term change and ecological restoration of the Yangtze River estuarine ecosystem in past decades
(pdf, 1.3 Mb)

Chang-Ik Zhang, Suam Kim and Jae Bong Lee (Invited)
Marine ecosystems, fisheries and the ecosystem-based resource management in Korea
(permission to post denied)

Gregory M. Ruiz (Invited)
Biogeography of marine invasions: Current status and future predictions
(waiting for permission)

Thomas A. Okey
The changing Pacific: A strategic collaboration for assessing climate impacts and developing effective policy for adaptation
(pdf, 1.2 Mb)

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