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Session 6. The relative contributions of off-shore and in-shore sources to
harmful algal bloom development and persistence in the PICES region

Amoreena MacFadyen, Barbara Hickey, Vera Trainer and William Cochlan
The Juan de Fuca Eddy – An initiation site for toxigenic Pseudo-nitzschia blooms impacting the Washington coast
(pdf, 0.7 Mb)

Michael Foreman, Wendy Callendar, Amy MacFadyen, Barbara Hickey, Vera Trainer, Angelica Peña, Richard Thomson and Emanuele Di Lorenzo (Invited)
Juan de Fuca Eddy generation and its relevance to harmful algal bloom development along the outer Washington coast
(pdf, 2.2 Mb)

Luzviminda M. Dimaano, Lewelen A. Arcaya, Joseph Chester M. Malaca, Francis Martin M. Mirasol and Mark Joseph D. Tan
The distribution of three toxic epiphytic dinoflagellates as potential bioindicators of anthropogenic pollutants in the reefs of San Fernando, La Union, Philippines
(permission to post denied)

Mingyuan Zhu, Mingjiang Zhou and Ruixiang Li (Invited)
HAB process in the coastal water of Zhejiang province, East China Sea
(pdf, 5 Mb, available upon request)

Angelica Peña and Michael Foreman
Biophysical modeling of the Juan de Fuca Eddy in the Pacific Northwest
(permission to post denied)

Xuelei Zhang, Z.J. Xu and M.Y. Zhu
Impact of atmospheric dust on phytoplankton growth in the Yellow Sea and western Pacific
(permission to post denied)

Douding Lu and Dedi Zhu (Invited)
Blooms of dinoflagellates in the East China Sea – Possible linkages to physical processes
(pdf, 5 Mb, available upon request)

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