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Session 8/10. Recent advances in ocean observing systems: Scientific discoveries, technical developments, and data management, analysis and delivery

John Dower, Ian Beveridge and Richard Dewey (Invited)
Drinking from the fire hose: Moving from the limitations of under-sampled field data to the prospect of “always on” data streams
(permission to post denied)

Mairi M.R. Best, B.D. Bornhold, S.K. Juniper and C.R. Barnes
NEPTUNE Canada regional cabled observatory: Science plan
(waiting for permission)

Benoît Pirenne (Invited)
The NEPTUNE Canada Cabled Observatory Data Management System: Capturing and delivering terabytes of data each day
(pdf, 0.8 Mb)

David G. Foley
Delivery and application of oceanographic satellite data in the era of integrated ocean observing systems
(pdf, 2 Mb)

Hidekatsu Yamazaki, Yuji Kitade and Yusaku Kokubu (Invited)
Developing a diagnostic system to assess red tide of Tokyo Bay

Toshiro Saino (Invited)
An ocean observing system for carbon cycle studies
(permission to post denied)

Young Jae Ro and Kwang Young Jung
Integrative approach for the coastal dynamics and ecosystem in the Kangjin Bay, South Sea, Korea
(pdf,1 Mb)

John A. Barth, R. Kipp Shearman, Anatoli Erofeev, Tristan Peery, Murray D. Levine, Walt Waldorf and Craig Risien
Autonomous underwater glider observations off central Oregon and the Oregon Coastal Ocean Observing System (OrCOOS)
(pdf, 1.4 Mb)

Svein Vagle (Invited)
Continuous monitoring of marine mammals, natural and man made noise in Georgia Strait and Saanich Inlet using the VENUS observatory
(pdf, 1.4 Mb)

David W. Welch and George Jackson
POST – A permanent continental-scale ocean observing array for fisheries research: Performance and scientific relevance
(pdf, 1.5 Mb)

Steven S. Rumrill
A question-based approach to environmental monitoring within the South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve, Oregon, USA
(pdf, 4.5 Mb, by request)

Sonia D. Batten
The CPR: Antique technology observing today’s oceans
(pdf, 1.4 Mb)

Hanna Na, Kuh Kim and Kyung-Il Chang
Accuracy of surface current velocity measurements obtained from HF radar along the east coast of Korea
(pdf, 1.7 Mb)

Todd D. O’Brien, David L. Mackas, Mark D. Ohman and remaining WG-125 members
Issues and methods for analyzing zooplankton time series – Sample applications of the SCOR WG125 toolkit
(pdf, 1.3 Mb)

Liying Wan, Jiang Zhu, Changxiang Yan, Hui Wang, Laurent Bertino and Zhanggui Wang
A “dressed” ensemble Kalman filter for data assimilation using the Hybrid Coordinate Ocean Model
(pdf, 2 Mb)

Mike F. Henry, Sonia D. Batten, K. David Hyrenbach, Ken H. Morgan and Bill J. Sydeman
The meso-scale response of subarctic North Pacific seabird community structure to lower trophic level abundance and diversity
(waiting for permission)


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