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Workshop 2. BIO Workshop Oceanic ecodynamics comparison in the subarctic Pacific

Atsushi Yamaguchi and Charles B. Miller
OECOS Workshop, PICES XVII, Dalian, China: Physical, chemical and biological dynamics of the Oyashio spring bloom (W2-5454)
(pdf, 4 Mb)

Tokihiro Kono and Masatoshi Sato (Invited)
Effect of water mass structure on the spring bloom in the Oyashio region revealed by sequential observations (W2-5361)
(pdf, 1.7 Mb)

Kenshi Kuma, Koji Sugie, Satoshi Fujita and Yuta Nakayama
Temporal variability and bioavailability of iron and nutrient during spring phytoplankton bloom in the Oyashio region (W2-4988)
(waiting for file)

Tomonori Isada, Ai Hattori, Koji Suzuki, Mitsuhide Sato and Ken Furuya (Award)
Community structure, productivity and photosynthetic physiology of phytoplankton in the Oyashio region of the NW subarctic Pacific during spring 2007 (W2-5142)
(permission to post denied)

Takashi Ota, Toru Kobari, Mutsuo Ishinomiya, Yasushi Gomi and Yasumasa Oikawa
Grazing activity of microzooplankton during a diatom bloom in the Oyasio region (W2-5356)
(waiting for permission)

Atsushi Yamaguchi, Yuka Onishi, Aya Omata, Mariko Kaneda, Momoka Kawai and Tsutomu Ikeda
Vertical distribution and population structure of large grazing copepods during spring phytoplankton bloom in the Oyashio region (W2-5120)
(pdf, 1.2 Mb)

Toru Kobari, Yumi Inoue, Yosuke Nakamura, Hidemi Okamura, Takashi Ota, Yuichiro Nishibe and Mutsuo Ichinomiya
Feeding impacts of ontogenetically migrating copepods on the spring phytoplankton bloom in the Oyashio region (W2-5066)
(pdf, 1.7 Mb)

Hye Seon Kim, Atsushi Yamaguchi and Tsutomu Ikeda
Abundance, metabolic rate and body composition of the euphausiid Euphausia pacifica and Thysanoessa inspinata during spring phytoplankton bloom in the Oyashio region (W2-5048)
(pdf, 2.2 Mb)

Tadanori Fujino, Yusuke Ito, Hiroki Yasuma and Kazushi Miyashita
Abundance and distribution of micronektonic, mesopelagic fish at the 2007 OECOS observation site (Northwest Pacific) (W2-5318)
(pdf, 1 Mb)

Michael Dagg, S. Strom and H. Liu
Phytoplankton community structure in the HNLC subarctic Pacific Ocean is determined by Neocalanus flemingeri and N. plumchrus (W2-4996)
(pdf, 0.3 Mb)

Suzanne L. Strom, K.A. Fredrickson, F. Perez, M.B. Olson and E.L. Macri
Lower trophic level responses to gradients in iron availability in the eastern subarctic Pacific
(waiting for permission)

Charles B. Miller
OECOS Workshop: Open issues in production ecology of the oceanic Gulf of Alaska (W2-5455)
(pdf, 1 Mb)

Workshop Discussion
• Findings of OECOS-WEST
• Comparison between east and west
• Remaining unsolved problems

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