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        Human and climate forcing of
    zooplankton populations
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    Session 6: Microbial loop vs classical short food chains: Implications for appraisal of foodwebs' efficiency and productivity

    Michael R. Landry (Invited Speaker)
    From Primary Production to Mesozooplankton: Trophic Transfers through Microbial Food Webs
    (permissin denied)

    Ulf Båmstedt and Agneta Andersson
    The Baltic Sea as a natural ecosystem to study the significance of the phytoplankton/bacterioplankton production ratio for pelagic food-web efficiency
    (pdf 0.5 Mb)

    Jean-Pierre Bergeron, Daniel Delmas and Noussithé Koueta
    Microbial loop vs short food chain: what do mesozooplankton enzymatic indices tell us about differences in food-web's efficiency and productivity?
    (pdf 0.7 Mb)

    Neil A. James, Andrew G. Hirst, David J.S. Montagnes and David Atkinson
    The effect of temperature and food on zooplankton gross growth efficiency
    (pdf 1.3 Mb)

    J. Anthony Koslow, Joanna Strzelecki, Harriet Paterson and Stéphane Pesant
    Classical food webs and the microbial loop off Western Australia: Test of a new method to estimate simultaneously micro- and mesozooplankton grazing impacts
    (pdf 1.2 Mb)

    Danilo Calliari, Anamar Britos and Daniel Conde
    Low grazing pressure and high egg production by copepods in a productive estuarine lagoon
    (pdf 0.8 Mb)

    Cristian A. Vargas, José Luis Iriarte, Rodrigo Martínez, Paulina Contreras, Cynthia Valenzuela, Luis A. Cuevas, Carolina Cartes, David Opazo and Rubén Escribano
    Food-web structure and carbon flows in a river-influenced and non-river influenced continental shelf at the coastal upwelling area off Central Chile (36 °S): Importance of mixotrophy and omnivory
    (permission denied)

    Michael J. Dagg, Suzanne L. Strom and Hongbin Liu
    Neocalanus and the lower trophic levels of the subarctic Pacific Ocean
    (pdf 0.4 Mb)

    Maiko Kagami, Ellen van Donk, Eric von Elert, Arnout de Bruin and Bas W. Ibelings
    Parasitic fungi may bridge the gap between inedible algae and zooplankton

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