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        Human and climate forcing of
    zooplankton populations
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    Session 9: Advance in image technologies and the application of image analysis to count and identify plankton

    Mark C. Benfield and Peter H. Wiebe
    From the OPC to the CCD
    (pdf, 4 Mb)

    Philippe Grosjean and Kevin Denis
    The computer does the hard work: (semi)-automatic classification of zooplankton
    (pdf, 1.7 Mb)

    Phil F. Culverhouse, R. Williams and Isabella Buttino
    Taxonomically driven recognition of features for visual categorisation of zooplankton
    (pdf, 1 Mb)

    Nick Loomis, Jose A. Dominguez-Caballero, Weichang Li, Qiao Hu, Cabell Davis, Jerome Milgram and George Barbastathis
    A compact, low-power digital holographic imaging system for automated plankton taxonomical classification
    (pdf, 1.5 Mb)

    Angel Lopez-Urrutia, Jesus Cabal and Luis Valdes
    Estimating zooplankton production from images
    (pdf, 0.6 Mb)

    Michael E. Sieracki, W.M. Balch, M.C. Benfield, A.R. Hansen, M.A. Mattar, S.J. Murtagh, C.H. Pilskaln, E.M. Riseman, H. Schultz, B. Tupper and P.E. Utgoff
    Software tools for automated recognition of plankton from digital images

    Lars Stemmann, Marc Picheral, Harriet Paterson, Robert Kevin, Lionel Guidi and Gabriel Gorsky
    Biogeography of gelatinous macroplankton in the upper 1000 m depth inferred from the Underwater Video Profiler
    (pdf, 1.2 Mb)

    Leonardo R. Castro, Arnoldo Valle-Levinson, Marcus Sobarzo, Cristian Chandia and Samuel Soto
    The ADCP-backscatter and the use of ZOOIMAGE for discriminating diel vertical migrating zooplankton
    (pdf, 1.5 Mb)

    Robert W. Campbell and Morten H. Nielsen
    Meso- to small-scall distributions of plankton and marine snow in the southeastern North Sea in relation to fronts
    (pdf, 1.3 Mb)

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