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Session 1
Effects of climate variability on secondary production and community structure


Delphine Bonnet (Université Montpellier 2, France)
Catherine Johnson (Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Fisheries and Oceans Canada)
Angel Lopez-Urrutia (Instituto Español de Oceanografía, Spain)
Anthony Richardson (CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research and University of Queensland, Australia)

Invited Speaker:

Mark Ohman (Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD, USA)

Climate variability and change influencezooplankton production and community structure through changes in the physical and chemical environment, as well as through changes in primary producers and zooplankton predator dynamics. Understanding and predicting impacts of climate change on secondary production and zooplankton communities will be critical in the near future to managing aquatic resources and mitigating the impact of climate change and other anthropogenic stressors on aquatic ecosystems. In this session, we encourage presentations that contribute to understanding how climate change influenceszooplankton production and community dynamics, including climate effects on zooplankton population growth rates, distribution and abundance, seasonal timing, community structure and interactions, interactions with higher and lower trophic levels, and food web structure. This session will embrace studies of both marine and freshwater systems, a diverse range of zooplankton taxa including microzooplankton and gelatinous zooplankton, and a broad range of approaches including modeling, experimental work, and field observations.

March 15, 2011

Mark D. Ohman (Invited)
Zooplankton as sentinels of climate change (S1-7271)
(permission to post denied, contact presenter)


Karen Wishner, Kendra L. Daly and Brad A. Seibel
Potential effects of climate variability on oxygen minimum zone zooplankton communities (S1-7064)
(permission to post denied, contact presenter)


Saskia A. Otto, Rabea Diekman, George Kornilovs, Lutz Postel and Christian Möllmann
Climate-related decadal dynamics in Baltic Sea zooplankton: Interactive and additive effects of bottom-up and top-down controls (S1-6884)
(pdf, 2.2 Mb)


Marcos Llope, Priscilla Licandro, King-Sik Chan and Nils Chr. Stenseth
Spatio-temporal variation of the plankton trophic interaction in the North Sea (S1-7050)
(pdf, 4 Mb)


Vivian Montecino, Juan Pablo Oyanedel, Irma Vila and Luis Zúñiga
Limnetic zooplankton structure and distribution in Chilean lakes and reservoirs (S1-7170)
(pdf, 1.6 Mb)

William T. Peterson, Cheryl A. Morgan, Hongsheng Bi, Jennifer L. Fisher and Jay O. Peterson
Climate change in the northern California Current ecosystem: Impacts on the community composition and production of zooplankton (S1-7128)
(pdf, 0.6 Mb)
Lingbo Li, David L. Mackas, Brian P.V. Hunt, Jake Schweigert, Evgeny A. Pakhomov, Moira Galbraith, John F. Dower, Stephen Romaine, Deborah Faust and Tony J. Pitcher
Large changes in zooplankton communities in the Strait of Georgia, British Columbia, during 1990 – 2007 (S1-7312)
(permission to post denied, contact presenter)
Erica Head
Responses of Calanus finmachicus to climate-related changes in phytoplankton bloom dynamics in Northwest Atlantic shelf and sub-polar gyre regions (S1-7136)
(pdf, 3.8 Mb)
Jeffrey A. Runge, Frédéric Maps, Andrew Leising, Andrew J. Pershing, James J. Pierson and David G. Kimmel
Scenarios of climate change impacts on local production of the subarctic copepod, Calanus finmachicus, in the Gulf of Maine (S1-7293)
(waiting for permission)
Viviana Farstey and Amatzia Genin
Global relationships between water temperature and vertical distribution of zooplankton (S1-7071)
(permission to post denied, contact presenter)
Ioanna Siokou-Frangou, Maria-Antonietta Pancucci-Papadopoulou, Dionysios Raitsos, Alex Theocharis, Vassilis Zervakis and Soultana Zervoudaki
Mesozooplankton in the Aegean Sea (E.Mediterranean Sea): Differences among decades (S1-7153)
(1.5 Mb)
Sanae Chiba, Hiroya Sugisaki, Tsuneo Ono, Tomoko Yoshiki and Sonia Batten
Changes in community structure, trophic links, and phenology in a lower trophic level ecosystem in the western subarctic North Pacific during 2001-2009 (S1-7252)
(pdf, 1 Mb)
Anthony J. Richardson, Felipe Gusmão, Mark Baird, Frank Coman, Claire Davies, Jocelyn Dela-Cruz, Tim Pritchard, Anita Slotwinski and Iain Suthers
Long-term hydroclimate drivers of zooplankton composition and phenology off eastern Australia (S1-7190)
(pdf, 1.5 Mb)
Alessandra Conversi
Late 1980s regime shifts: Intriguing parallelisms in European (and other) seas (S1-7076)
(pdf, 1.5 Mb)
David G. Kimmel, Stéphane Plourde, Andrew Leising, James J. Pierson, Jeffrey A. Runge and Frédéric Maps
Regional scale climatological forcing of Calanus finmachicus dynamics in the Gulf of Maine and the Gulf of St. Lawrence (S1-7229)
(pdf, 1.7 Mb)
Jack Forster, Andrew G. Hirst, David Atkinson and Guy Woodward
How do organisms change size with changing temperature? Exploring the mechanism of the Temperature-Size Rule (S1-7091)
(waiting for permission)
Sophie G. Pitois, Christopher P. Lynam, Nicholas C. Halliday and Martin Edwards
Long-term changes in the distribution and abundance of selected fishlarvae from the CPR (1950-2005) over the UK shelf, in relation to biological and environmental factors (S1-7032)
(pdf, 1.6 Mb)
Juan Carlos Molinero, Manuel Hidalgo, Marta Coll, Mirna Batistic, Delphine Bonnet, Michele Casini, Ons Daly Yahia, MªLuz Fernández de Puelles, Lyudmila Kamburska, Mario Lebrato, Priscilla Licandro, Lucía López-López, Davor Lucic, Alenka Malej, Fréderic Mélin, Laura Prieto, Ioanna Siokou-Frangou, Soultana Zervoudaki and Nejib Daly Yahia
Jellyfishoutbreaks in the Mediterranean Sea unveil synergies of climate and fisheries (S1-7320)
(waiting for permission)
Pieter Vandromme, Lars Stemmann, Carmen García-Comas, LaureMousseau, Franck Prejger, Ornella Passafiume, Mac Picheral and Gabriel Gorsky
Zooplankton response to NW Mediterranean hydroclimatic changes from 1966 to 2010 (S1-7007)
(pdf, 1 Mb)
Aino Hosia, Tone Falkenhaug and Lars Johan Naustvoll
Scyphozoan jellyfish trends during 1992-2010 at Flødevigen, Southern Norway (S1-6904)
(pdf, 1.4 Mb)
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