Report 15 (September 2000)

PICES-GLOBEC International Program on Climate Change and Carrying Capacity
Report of the 1999 MONITOR and REX Workshops, and the 2000 MODEL Workshop on Lower Trophic Level Modelling

Full issue [pdf, 3.8 Mb]

Separate articles:

Table of Contents [pdf, 0.11 Mb]

Executive Summary [pdf, 0.07 Mb]

MODEL Task Team Workshop Report
Final Report of the International Workshop to Develop a Prototype Lower Trophic Level Ecosystem Model for Comparison of Different Marine Ecosystems in the North Pacific [pdf, 11.64 Mb]

Report of the 1999 MONITOR Task Team Workshop [pdf, 0.32 Mb]

Report of the 1999 REX Task Team Workshop
Herring and Euphausiid population dynamics

Douglas E. Hay and Bruce McCarter
Spatial, temporal and life-stage variation in herring diets in British Columbia [pdf, 0.10 Mb]

Augustus J. Paul and J. M. Paul
Over winter changes in herring from Prince William Sound, Alaska [pdf, 0.08 Mb]

N. G. Chupisheva
Qualitative texture characteristic of herring (Clupea pallasi pallasi) pre-larvae developed from the natural and artificial spawning-grounds in Severnaya Bay (Peter the Great Bay) [pdf, 0.07 Mb]

Gordon A. McFarlane, Richard J. Beamish and Jake SchweigertPacific herring: Common factors have opposite impacts in adjacent ecosystems
[pdf, 0.15 Mb]

Tokimasa Kobayashi, Keizou Yabuki, Masayoshi Sasaki and Jun-Ichi Kodama
Long-term fluctuation of the catch of Pacific herring in Northern Japan [pdf, 0.39 Mb]

Jacqueline M. O’Connell
Holocene fish remains from Saanich Inlet, British Columbia, Canada [pdf, 0.40 Mb]

Elsa R. Ivshina and Irina Y. Bragina
On relationship between crustacean zooplankton (Euphausiidae and Copepods) and Sakhalin-Hokkaido herring (Tatar Strait, Sea of Japan) [pdf, 0.14 Mb]

Stein Kaartvbeedt
Fish predation on krill and krill antipredator behaviour [pdf, 0.08 Mb]

Nikolai I. Naumenko
Euphausiids and western Bering Sea herring feeding [pdf, 0.07 Mb]

David M. Checkley, Jr.
Interactions Between Fish and Euphausiids and Potential Relations to Climate and Recruitment [pdf, 0.08 Mb]

Vladimir I. Radchenko and Elena P. Dulepova
Shall we expect the Korf-Karaginsky herring migrations into the offshore western Bering Sea? [pdf, 0.75 Mb]

Young Shil Kang
Euphausiids in the Korean waters and its relationship with major fish resources [pdf, 0.29 Mb]

William T. Peterson, Leah Feinberg and Julie Keister
Ecological Zonation of euphausiids off central Oregon [pdf, 0.11 Mb]

Scott M. Rumsey
Environmentally forced variability in larval development and stage-structure: Implications for the recruitment of Euphausia pacifica (Hansen) in the Southern California Bight [pdf, 3.26 Mb]

Scott M. Rumsey
Inverse modelling of developmental parameters in Euphausia pacifica: The relative importance of spawning history and environmental forcing to larval stage-frequency distributions [pdf, 98.79 Mb]

Michio J. Kishi, Hitoshi Motono & Kohji Asahi
An ecosystem model with zooplankton vertical migration focused on Oyashio region [pdf, 33.32 Mb]

PICES-GLOBEC Implementation Panel on Climate Change and Carrying Capacity Program Executive Committee and Task Team List [pdf, 0.05 Mb]

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