Report 22 (August 2002)

PICES Science: The first ten years and a look to the future

Full issue [pdf, 2.05 MB]

Introduction [pdf, 0.17 MB]

Warren S. Wooster [pdf, 0.12 MB]
PICES - the first decade, and beyond

Paul H. LeBlond [pdf, 0.03 MB]
The Physical Oceanography and Climate Committee: The first decade

D.E. Harrison and Neville Smith [pdf, 0.04 MB]
Ocean observing systems and prediction - the next ten years

Tsutomu Ikeda and Patricia A. Wheeler [pdf, 0.85 MB]
Ocean impacts from the bottom of the food web to the top: Biological Oceanography Committee (BIO) retrospective

Timothy R. Parsons [pdf, 0.2 MB]
Future needs for biological oceanographic studies in the Pacific Ocean

Douglas E. Hay, Richard J. Beamish, George W. Boehlert, Vladimir I. Radchenko, Qi-Sheng Tang, Tokio Wada, Daniel W. Ware and Chang-Ik Zhang [pdf, 0.2 MB]
Ten years FIS in PICES: An introspective, retrospective, critical and constructive review of fishery science in PICES

Richard F. Addison, John E. Stein and Alexander V. Tkalin [pdf, 0.12 MB]
Marine Environmental Committee in review

Robie W. Macdonald, Brian Morton, Richard F. Addison and Sophia C. Johannessen [pdf, 1.89 MB]
Marine environmental contaminant issues in the North Pacific: What are the dangers and how do we identify them?

R. Ian Perry, Anne B. Hollowed and Takashige Sugimoto [pdf, 0.36 MB]
The PICES Climate Change and Carrying Capacity Program: Why, how, and what next?

List of acronyms [pdf, 0.07 MB]


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