Report 23 (August 2002)

Harmful algal blooms in the PICES region of the North Pacific

download full report (pdf, 3.9 Mb)
Background and objectives
[pdf, 0.84 MB]

Country reviews and status reports

Section I. Western North Pacific
Japan Yasuwo Fukuyo, Ichiro Imai, Masaaki Kodama and Kyoichi Tamai
Red tides and harmful algal blooms in Japan [pdf, 0.7 MB]
People's Republic of China Tian Yan, Ming-Jiang Zhou and Jing-Zhong Zou
A national report of HABs in China [pdf, 0.24 MB]
Republic of Korea Sam Geun Lee, Hak Gyoon Kim, Eon Seob Cho and Chang Kyu Lee
Harmful algal blooms (red tides): Management and mitigation in Korea [pdf, 0.27 MB]
Russia Tatiana Y. Orlova, Galina V. Konovalova, Inna V. Stonik, Tatiana V. Morozova and Olga G. Shevchenko
Harmful algal blooms on the eastern coast of Russia [pdf, 1.4 MB]

Section II. Eastern North Pacific

Canada F.J.R. "Max" Taylor and Paul J. Harrison
Harmful marine algal blooms in western Canada [pdf, 0.87 MB]
United States of America Vera L. Trainer
Harmful algal blooms on the U.S. west coast [pdf, 0.5 MB]
Mexico Jose L. Ochoa, S. Lluch-Cota, B.O. Arredondo-Vega, E. Nuñes-Vázquez, A. Heredia-Tapia, J. Pérez-Linares and R. Alonso-Rodriguez
Marine Biotoxins and harmful algal blooms in Mexico's Pacific littora [pdf, 0.2 MB]

Summary and conclusions [pdf, 0.6 MB]


A. Members of the Working Group [pdf, 0.1 MB]
B. Original terms of reference (Vladivostok, 1999) [pdf, 0.08 MB]
C. Annual reports of WG 15 [pdf, 0.15 MB]
D. Workshop report on taxonomy and identification of HAB species and data management [pdf, 0.15 MB]


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