Report 24 (May 2003)

C02 in the North Pacific Ocean. PICES Working Group 13 Final Report

Full report [pdf, 4.17 MB]

Executive Summary [pdf, 0.01 MB]

Introduction [pdf, 0.01 MB]

Synthesis of the WOCE/JGOFS global CO2 survey data in the North Pacific [pdf, 0.3 MB]

Air-sea CO2 fluxes [pdf, 0.1 MB]

DIC, TAlk and anthropogenic CO2 distributions in the North Pacific [pdf, 3 MB]

Biogeochemical and global implications [pdf, 0.1 MB]

Recommendations for the future of carbon studies within PICES [pdf, 0.1 MB]

References [pdf, 0.1 MB]

Appendix A. Summary of PICES Working Group 13 activities (1998-2001) [pdf, 0.1 MB]

Appendix B. Results of Working Group 13 method inter-comparison studies [pdf, 0.6 MB]

Appendix C. Results of Working Group 13 data integration workshops [pdf, 0.5 MB]


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