Report 36 (August 2009)

Proceedings of the Fourth Workshop on the Okhotsk Sea and Adjacent Areas

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  Preface [pdf, 0.1 Mb] vii
  Plenary Session 1
Climate/Ocean dynamics
  Long-term changes of atmospheric centers and climate regime of the Okhotsk Sea in the last three decades
Svetlana Glebova, Elena Ustinova and Yuri Sorokin [pdf, 0.1 Mb]
  Influence of the annual Arctic Oscillation on the negative correlation between Okhotsk Sea ice and Amur River discharge
Yoshihiro Tachibana and Masayo Ogi [pdf, 0.3 Mb]
  Changes in the Sea of Okhotsk due to global warming – Weakening pump function to the North Pacific
Kay-Ichiro Ohshima, Takuya Nakanowatari, Takeshi Nakatsuka, Jun Nishioka and Masaaki Wakatsuchi [pdf, 0.4 Mb]
  Interannual variations of the East-Kamchatka and East-Sakhalin Currents volume transports and their impact
on the temperature and chemical parameters in the Okhotsk Sea
Andrey G. Andreev [pdf, 0.2 Mb]
  Some regularities in the formation of extremely low-ice winter seasons in the Okhotsk Sea
Larisa Muktepavel and Tatyana Shatilina [pdf, 1.3 Mb]
  A sensitivity study on the Dense Shelf Water formation in the Okhotsk Sea
You-ichiro Sasajima, Hiroyasu Hasumi and Tomohiro Nakamura [pdf, 0.9 Mb]
  Plenary Session 2
Amur River/Geochemical cycle
  Review of the Pacific Oceanological Institute program on the Amur River Estuary and adjacent marine areas
Vyacheslav Lobanov, O. Dudarev, P. Tishchenko, I. Zhabin, V. Zvalinksy, A. Charkin, A. Koltunova,
A. Sagalaeva and M. Shvetsova [pdf, 0.1 Mb]

  Biogeochemical linkage between Amur River basin and western subarctic Pacific by iron transport through
Okhotsk Sea Intermediate Water: A new paradigm to explain changes in ocean primary productivity
Takeshi Nakatsuka, Jun Nishioka, Takayuki Shiraiwa and all members of the "Amur-Okhotsk" Project [pdf, 0.1 Mb]
  Modeling of biogeochemical cycles and climate change on the Continental Shelf: An example from the Pacific coast of Canada
M. Angelica Peña [pdf, 0.3 Mb]
  Nutrient status of snow cover and sea ice in the southern Sea of Okhotsk
Daiki Nomura, Kunio Shirasawa, Sumito Matoba, Jun Nishioka and Takenobu Toyota [pdf, 0.2 Mb]
  Interannual variation of material flux under seasonal sea ice in the Okhotsk Sea north of Hokkaido, Japan
Takehiko Hiwatari, Hiroshi Koshikawa, Kunio Kohata and R. Nagata [pdf, 0.2 Mb]
  Plenary Session 3
Primary production/Zooplankton/Marine mammals

  Satellite measured seasonal and interannual variability of primary production at the scallop farming area in
the Okhotsk Sea
Muzzneena Ahmad Mustapha and Sei-Ichi Saitoh [pdf, 0.1 Mb]
  Seasonal variability of primary production off Abashiri, the southern Okhotsk Sea
Hiromi Kasai, Tsuneo Ono and Kazumasa Hirakawa [pdf, 0.5 Mb]
  Primary productivity and photosynthetic features of phytoplankton in the Sea of Okhotsk during late summer
Tomonori Isada, Koji Suzuki, Hongbin Liu, Jun Nishioka and Takeshi Nakatsuka [pdf, 0.1 Mb]
  Seasonal change in number and movement pattern of spotted seals (Phoca largha) migrating around
the Sea of Japan
Mari Kobayashi, Yasuo Kouno, Miyuki Ito, Mio Nishina, Yasuhiro Fujimoto and Kikuo Kato [pdf, 1 Mb]
  Current status of pinnipeds in the Sea of Okhotsk
Alexey M. Trukhin [pdf, 0.2 Mb]
  Mitochondrial DNA variation in the Japanese harbour porpoise (Phocoena phocoena)
Mioko Taguchi, S. Abe and T. Matsuishi [pdf, 0.2 Mb]
  Session A1
Current dynamics

  Modeling the circulation of the intermediate layer in the Sea of Okhotsk
Keisuke Uchimoto, Tomohiro Nakamura, Jun Nishioka and Humio Mitsudera [pdf, 0.5 Mb]
  50-yr scale change in the intermediate water temperature in the western North Pacific simulated by an eddy
resolving sea ice coupled OGCM
Takuya Nakanowatari, Humio Mitsudera, Tatsuo Motoi, Kay-Ichiro Ohshima and I. Ishikawa [pdf, 0.2 Mb]
  Vertical movement of water masses in the western part of the Sea of Okhotsk
Gennady Kantakov [pdf, 0.2 Mb]
  Current meter observations in the Sea of Okhotsk near Shmidt Peninsula, northern Sakhalin
Georgy Shevchenko, Gennady Kantakov and Valery Chastikov [pdf, 0.8 Mb]
  Current mooring observations in the area of the South Kuril Islands
Georgy Shevchenko, Gennady Kantakov and Valery Chastikov [pdf, 0.5 Mb]
  Energy characteristics of tidal and residual level variations in the Okhotsk Sea from satellite altimetry data
Georgy Shevchenko and Alexander Romanov [pdf, 0.5 Mb]
  Session A2
Sea ice, watermass and freshwater processes/Coastal lagoons

  Sea-ice flow from the Okhotsk Sea to the Pacific Ocean through the Nemuro Strait in 2008
Tatsuo Motoi, Wing-Le Chan, Takuya Miyakawa and Norihisa Usui [pdf, 1.2 Mb]
  Outflow of Okhotsk Sea Water and the oceanic condition of the sea east of Hokkaido
Yutaka Nagata [pdf, 1.2 Mb]
  The occurrence of winter convection at the open ocean polynya in the eastern part of the Okhotsk Sea indicated by the World Ocean Atlas 2005
Makoto Kashiwai [pdf, 1.2 Mb]
  Influence of Amur River discharge on hydrological conditions of the Amurskiy Liman and Sakhalin Bay of
the Sea of Okhotsk during a spring–summer flood
Anastasiya Abrosimova, Igor Zhabin and Vyacheslav Dubina [pdf, 1.8 Mb]
  Seasonal and interannual variations of Amur River discharge and their relationships to large-scale atmospheric patterns and moisture fluxes
Yoshihiro Tachibana, Kazuhiro Oshima and Masayo Ogi [pdf, 0.5 Mb]
  The Okhotsk Sea coastal lagoons: Types, evolution and use of resources
Peter F. Brovko [pdf, 0.1 Mb]
  Session A3
New technology

  F radar technology in the Sea of Okhotsk
Naoto Ebuchi, Yasushi Fukamachi, Kay-Ichiro Ohshima and Masaaki Wakatsuchi [pdf, 0.5 Mb]
  Automated information technology for ionosphere monitoring of low-orbit navigation satellite signals
Alexander Romanov, Sergey Trusov and Alexey Romanov [pdf, 0.8 Mb]
  A pilot project on the comphrensive diagnosis of earthquake precursors on Sakhalin Island: Experiment results
from 2007
Alexey Romanov, Youry Urlichich, Sergey Pulinets, Alexander Romanov and Victor Selin [pdf, 1.4 Mb]
  An adaptive spectroellipsometric technology for ccological monitoring of sea water
Ferdenant A. Mkrtchyan, Vladimir F. Krapivin, Vitaly I. Kovalev and Vladimir V. Klimov [pdf, 0.1 Mb]
  Remote sensing radiometry technology for the Okhotsk Sea ecosystem biocomplexity assessment
Vladimir F. Krapivin and Ferdenant A. Mkrtchyan [pdf, 0.2 Mb]
  The use of airplane-lidar for registration of fish schools and plankton
Vladimir Chernook, Yurij Goldin, Alexander Lisovski and Alexander Vasilev [pdf, 0.1 Mb]
  Session B1
Biological processes/Disturbances by oil and gas development

  Spatial distribution of the toxic dinoflagellate, Alexandrium tamarense, in summer in the Okhotsk Sea
off Hokkaido, Japan
Hiroshi Shimada, Mayumi Sawada, Takanori Kuribayashi, Akifumi Nakata, Akira Miyazono and Hiroki Asami [pdf, 0.5 Mb]
  Spatial and seasonal distributions of copepods from spring to summer in the Okhotsk Sea off eastern Hokkaido, Japan
Hiroki Asami, Hiroshi Shimada, Mayumi Sawada, Yasuyuki Miyakoshi, Daise Ando, Makoto Fujiwara and Mitsuhiro Nagata [pdf, 0.3 Mb]
  Characteristics of the zooplankton community in the Okhotsk Sea in autumn: A comparison with
the Oyashio region
Atsushi Yamaguchi [pdf, 0.1 Mb]
  Determinants of fish species composition in Abashiri River
Minoru Kanaiwa, Takuya Inoue and Atsuya Yamamoto [pdf, 0.2 Mb]
  Scientific evidence and questions identified by the Hanasaki Program
Makoto Kashiwai and Gennady Kantakov [pdf, 0.7 Mb]
  Benthos community of a dumping area during liquid natural gas plant construction: Effects of technical impacts
or natural changes?
Andrey D. Samatov and Vyacheslav S. Labay [pdf, 0.2 Mb]
  Conservation of aquatic living resources under conditions of large-scale development of oil and gas resources
on the Pacific continental shelf (the Sea of Okhotsk)
Julia Zaitseva [pdf, 0.1 Mb]
  Session B2
Walleye pollock

  Walleye pollock (Theragra chalcogramma) spawning in the Okhotsk Sea waters off the north Kuril Islands
and south-western Kamchatka
Alexander V. Buslov and Alexander I. Varkentin [pdf, 0.5 Mb]
  Responses of relative abundance of dominants in fish communities to the Sea of Okhotsk climate variability
Vladimir Kulik [pdf, 0.2 Mb]
  Walleye pollock research in the open waters of the Okhotsk Sea
Evgeny E. Ovsyannikov, Anatoly V. Smirnov and Gennady V. Avdeev [pdf, 0.1 Mb]
  Does the extent of ice cover affect the fate of walleye pollock?
Jun Yamamoto, Mio Osato and Yasunori Sakurai [pdf, 0.2 Mb]
  Dynamics of the walleye pollock biomass in the Sea of Okhotsk
Boris N. Kotenev and Oleg A. Bulatov [pdf, 0.1 Mb]
  Appendix 1 List of Corresponding Authors [pdf, 0.1 Mb] 297
  Appendix 2 List of Participants [pdf, 0.1 Mb] 300
  Appendix 3 Workshop Schedule [pdf, 0.1 Mb] 302
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