Mar 23-27, Symposium 2015
3rd PICES/ICES/IOC Symposium on “Effects of Climate Change on the World’s Oceans
Place: Santos City, Brazil
Sponsors/Organizers: PICES, ICES, IOC
Local Organizer: Institute of Oceanography, University of São Paulo (IOUSP)
URL: www.pices.int/climatechange2015.aspx

May 12-15, Symposium 2015
30th Wakefield Fisheries Symposium
Tools and Strategies for Assessment and Management of Data-Limited Fish Stocks
Place: Anchorage, Alaska, USA
Sponsors/Organizers: TBA
URL: http://seagrant.uaf.edu/conferences/2015/wakefield-data-limited/

May 19-22, Symposium 2015
Harmful Algal Blooms and Climate Change Symposium
Place: Göteborg, Sweden
Sponsors/Organizers: PICES, FORMAS, GEOHAB, SMHI, University of Göteborg, SCOR, IOC, ICES
URL: http://pices.int/meetings/international_symposia/2015/2015-HAB/scope.aspx

Oct 15–25, PICES Annual Meeting 2015
Change and Sustainability of the North Pacific
Place: Qingdao, China
Sponsors/Organizers: PICES
URL: http://pices.int/meetings/annual/PICES-2015/2015-theme.aspx



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