May 18–20, 2017
PICES-MOE (Ministry of Environment of Japan) ADRIFT Events
Co-convened by: Japanese Association of Benthology (JAB), Japanese Society of Fisheries Oceanography (JSFO), Japanese Society of Phycology (JSP), Oceanographic Society of Japan (OSJ), Sessile Organisms Society of Japan (SOSJ)

May 18
International Symposium on “Effects of marine debris caused by the Great Tsunami of 2011
Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology (TUMSAT), Tokyo, Japan
Program Poster

May 19
Seminar for graduate students on “Marine debris from the Great Tsunami of 2011 – Overview
Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan

May 20
Public event “Where have the tsunami-rafted objects gone?
Matushima A, Heanel Sendai, Japan
Program Poster

May 9–12, 2017
31st Wakefield Symposium
Impacts of a Changing Environment on the Dynamics of High-latitude Fish and Fisheries
Place: Anchorage, Alaska, USA

May 30 – June 2, 2017
PICES/ICES 3rd Early Career Scientist Conference
Climate, Oceans and Society Challenges and Opportunities
Place: Busan, Korea
Sponsors/Organizers: PICES, ICES, more
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June 11-15, 2017
ESSAS Open Science Meeting on Subarctic and Arctic Science
Moving in, out, and across Arctic and Subarctic Marine Ecosystems: Shifting Boundaries of Water, Ice, Flora, Fauna, People and Institutions
Place: Tromsø, Norway
Sponsors/Organizers: ICES, PICES, more

Sep 22 – Oct 1, PICES-2017 Annual Meeting
Environmental Changes in the North Pacific and Impacts on Biological Resources and Ecosystem Services
Place: Vladivostok, Russia
Sponsors/Organizers: PICES



June 4-8, Symposium 2018
4th International Symposium
The Effects of Climate Change on the World’s Oceans

Place: Washington DC, USA
Sponsors/Organizers: ICES, PICES, IOC, NOAA Fisheries

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