May 12-15, Symposium 2015
30th Wakefield Fisheries Symposium
Tools and Strategies for Assessment and Management of Data-Limited Fish Stocks
Place: Anchorage, Alaska, USA
Sponsors/Organizers: TBA
URL: http://seagrant.uaf.edu/conferences/2015/wakefield-data-limited/

May 17-19, NPAFC Symposium 2015
Pacific salmon and steelhead production in a changing climate: Past, present, and future
Place: Kobe, Japan
Sponsors/Organizers: NPAFC, Fisheries Research Agency (FRA), Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Hokkaido Salmon Propagation Association, Hokkaido Stationary Net Fisheries Association, North Pacific Research Board (NPRB), Pacific Salmon Foundation, Pacific Seafood Processors Association (PSPA), PICES
URL: http://www.npafc.org/new/events/symposium/2015symposium/symposium_home.html

May 19-22, Symposium 2015
Harmful Algal Blooms and Climate Change Symposium
Place: Göteborg, Sweden
Sponsors/Organizers: PICES, FORMAS, GEOHAB, SMHI, University of Göteborg, SCOR, IOC, ICES
URL: http://pices.int/meetings/international_symposia/2015/2015-HAB/scope.aspx

Jul 7–10, 2015, Joint Theme Session 2015
ICES/PICES (S-CCME) Session at the International Scientific Conference on "Our common future under climate change" (in preparation for the 21st UNFCCC Conference of the Parties (COP21), November 30–December 11, 2015, Paris, France)
Impacts of climate change on marine ecosystems and their services
Place: Paris, France
Sponsors/Organizers: ICES/PICES

Sep 21–25, 2015, Joint Theme Sessions 2015
ICES Annual Science Conference
"Ecosystem monitoring in practice" (Session C), "Managing marine ecosystem services in a changing climate" (Session G), and "Ocean acidification: understanding chemical, biological and biochemical responses in marine ecosystems" (Session H)
Place: Copenhagen, Denmark
Sponsors/Organizers: ICES/PICES

Oct 15–25, PICES Annual Meeting 2015
Change and Sustainability of the North Pacific
Place: Qingdao, China
Sponsors/Organizers: PICES
URL: http://pices.int/meetings/annual/PICES-2015/2015-theme.aspx



Jan 26–29, Symposium 2016
9th International Conference on Marine Bioinvasions
Place: Sydney, Australia
Sponsors/Organizers: TBA
URL: http://www.marinebioinvasions.info/

May 9-13, Symposium 2016
6th International Zooplankton Symposium
Place: Bergen, Norway
Sponsors/Organizers: ICES, PICES, TBA
URL: ices.dk/6zps

May 30 – Jun 3, ICES Symposium 2016
Understanding marine socio-ecological systems: Including the human dimension in Integrated Ecosystem Assessments
Place: Brest, France
Sponsors/Organizers: TBA



Mar 6–11, PICES/ICES Symposium 2017
Drivers of small pelagic fish resources
Place: Victoria, BC, Canada
Sponsors/Organizers: PICES, ICES, TBA


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