TCODE Meeting Draft Agenda
Wed. Oct. 31, 2007 16:00-19:30
Chairman: Igor Shevchenko (Russia)

1. Welcome and introduction of members
2. Adoption of agenda (opportunity to add agenda items under "New business")
3. Review progress on the items from the 2006/2007 Workplan
  a. Continue to support HAB-S work with HAE-DAT database and required metadata
Responsibility - Robin Brown
      Harmful Algal Blooms Section
  b. Organize the Scientific Session/E-poster session at PICES XVI
Responsibility - Allen Macklin, Kyu-Kui Jung
      TCODE Topic Session (S10) - Nov 2 (1/2 day) "Data Management, Data Analysis and Data Delivery Systems to Support Detection and Prediction of Ecosystem Change in the North Pacific and the Arctic and Its Impacts"
  c. Develop collaboration with ICES Working Group on Data and Information Management
Responsibility - Georgy Moiseenko, Bernard Megrey, Igor Shevchenko
      ICES Working Group on Marine Data Management
  d. Continue Federated Metadata searching project;
Complete Phase II report and promote use of metadata;
Carry out Phase III including capacity building;
Investigate utility of Asian-side metadata server;
Responsibility - Allen Macklin, Bernard Megrey, Igor Shevchenko, Norio Baba
      Metadata Federation of PICES Member Countries (PICES Technical Report No.1, 2007)
      GeoNetwork Opensource
      Phase III description
  e. Update TCODE Action Plan
Responsibility - Robin Brown & Igor Shevchenko
      TCODE Action Plan (March 2006)
  f. Coordinate activities with Monitor Technical Committee
Responsibility - Tom Royer
      Monitor TC Action Plan
4. Annual reports - TCODE members for Canada, Japan, People's Republic of China, Republic of Korea, the Russian Federation, and the United States of America
5. Discussion of the FISP (PICES Future Integrative Scientific Program)
6. Topic session proposals for PICES XVII
  Selection of PICES XVII theme
7. Relations with other international programs/organizations
  Standing List of International Organizations and Programs
8. Election of Chairman and Vice-Chairman
  Inter-sessional Science Board/Governing Council Meeting, Yokohama 10 April 2007 AGENDA ITEM 13
9. PICES Ocean Monitoring Service Award
10. Summary of items with financial implications:
  Proposed inter-sessional meetings for 2007 and beyond
  Proposed publications for 2007 and beyond
  Travel support requests
  Other items
11, New business (additional items added at the meeting)
12. Discussion and adoption of the TCODE Workplan for 2007/2008
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