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        Human and climate forcing of
    zooplankton populations
    Useful Information
        The registration desk will be located in the lobby of the 2nd basement floor and will be open from 09:00 to 17:30 on 28 May and from 08:00 to 17:30 on 29 May. The symposium secretariat will be based in room Ran 2.
    How do I get to Hiroshima?
        Click here to download pdf file (0.1 Mb)
        Arriving at Hiroshima Airport:
          1. Take Limousine Bus from Platform no. 1 to Hiroshima Bus Center,
    duration approx. 55 mins, departs every 15-20 mins. On arrival at the Bus Center the ANA hotel is a 400 m walk southwards towards Ujina port, otherwise one can take a tram to Fukoro-machi, or take a taxi.
          2. Take Limousine Bus from Platform no. 2 to Hiroshima Station
    (Shinkansen or North gate), duration approx. 45 mins, departs every 10 mins, on arrival at Hiroshima Station, walk through an underground pass to the opposite side (South gate), take tram for Fukoro-machi. The ANA hotel is 30 m away.
        Arriving at Osaka Kansai Airport
          Take JR train "Haruka" to Shin-Osaka Station, then take Shinkansen
    train "Nozomi" or "Hikari" to Hiroshima Station (these trains have 3-4 cars without seat reservation), follow directions above to the hotel.
    About Hiroshima
    Weather in Hiroshima
    International Conference Center, Hiroshima, Japan (ICCH)
    Child care
        English-speaking childcare givers are available upon request. Since the Hiroshima Conference Center does not have a suitable room for this purpose, children should be looked after in the parents' hotel room. The cost is 1,700 yen (~ $15 US) per 2 hours (plus the caretaker's transportation). The cost can be shared if 2 or 3 families request the service at the same time. The local organizer will contact the childcare giver group (or company) upon request from interested participants.
    Internet access
        Free Internet access via Wireless LAN is available in the International Conference Center building, in the poster session room (Himawari) and lobby area of the 2nd basement floor.
        Standard: IEEE802.11b/g base
        Connection: Automatic assignment of IP-address by DHCP server
        - Organizers do not lend wireless LAN cards.
    - No extra security measures are implemented.
    - Each user is responsible for adjusting their own PC settings.
    - Organizers will not be held responsible for any mechanical failures and other damage that may arise from the use of this service.
    Map of the restaurants / convenience stores around the Conference Center
        map (doc, 0.3 Mb)
    Coffee/Tea Breaks
        There will be morning and afternoon tea/coffee breaks (please see the agenda on pages 1-39 for times). Tea and coffee will be served in the lobby on the morning of 28 May and on 31 May - 1 June. The Himawari room will be used for tea/coffee breaks in the afternoon of 28 May and for both breaks on 29-30 May.
        A Japanese style lunch box including tea (price: 800 JPY) and a sandwich and juice (price: 600 JPY) will be sold at the Conference Center. It is necessary to buy the lunch ticket on the previous day. A complimentary lunch (sandwich and juice) will be provided on 31 May prior to the afternoon excursion.
  • Please contact Prof. Shin-ichi Uye to receive a free copy of the Book of Abstracts

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