Regarding the Gran Hotel Pucon reservation:
The contact person for reservation - Ms. Carla Ilabaca (with a copy to Mrs. Patricia Baeza). Click here to send your reservation request. All reservations require a valid credit card number.
The rate for the room is for this event only. The rate is based on the double room reservation and includes the breakfast.
The check in time - from 15:00; the check out time - before 12:00 p.m.
The hotel rates for the foreigners are tax (IVA) free in Chile.
At the time of your check in you will need to present a valid passport and an entry card to Chile (a piece of paper given to you at the airport, international police, at the time of arrival).

The official rate of the Gran Hotel for the meeting is USD 178 (variable with season but they will keep this rate for the duration of the meeting). Note that foreigners do not pay tax in most types of "expensive" accommodation but it has to be paid in USD or equivalent Euros and you have to show your passport (most less expensive places will probably not provide you with an invoice.) If you look for prices for the Gran Hotel on the internet (e.g. interpatagonia....) you might find a lower price (access the offer there for ENJOY, where it takes you to This is part of the "politics" of this hotel which is out of our control.

Notes on Pucon hotels provided by the local organizers:

1. We were advised that participants may encounter different rates for the same hotels through travel agencies or hotel-search websites. This is possible as the hotels have different types of rooms. Please be careful to check the booking dates and the room type offered.

2. The fluctuation of the exchange rate between Chilean Pesos and the US Dollar may result in a different rate quoted by the hotels from the rate in the hotel table here.


The alternatives for accommodation in Pucon are numerous as this a very popular tourist area and, accordingly, prices will vary largely depending on the type of accommodation preferred and the season (low, middle, and high season: note than until March 15th, most of them will quote high season rates). Also consider the traveling distance between your selected accommodation and the Convention Center/Gran Hotel (ENJOY) (many websites have detailed maps), public transportation is not very convenient in this case.

General hotel search sites:


Specific sites for hostels:

The above sites also include cabins in downtown Pucon and others in the outskirts; cabins are a usual type of accommodation in southern Chile, but, in general, they do not include additional services (breakfast, towels, etc).


If you are still looking for an accommodation, please contact Marìa Josè Basso Brintrup to book a cabin close to Gran Hotel:

Marìa Josè Basso Brintrup
Cabañas Los Tilos
F:56-45-441112 / 08-253 09 16 Pucòn - Chile

Map of the area with hotels (bigger image)
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