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Theme 1

Wednesday , April 19, 2006

Introduction by Convenors [pdf, 11 Mb]

James Overland, Shoshiro Minobe and Sergei Rodionov (Invited)
North Pacific regimes shifts: Semantics and indicators [pdf, 0.8 Mb]

Franklin B. Schwing, P. Ted Strub, Steven J. Bograd, Roy Mendelssohn, Andrew Thomas and Christopher S. Moore
Interannual variability in the bifurcation of the North Pacific Current: Co-variability of California Current and Gulf of Alaska ecosystems [pdf, 4 Mb]

Konstantin Rogachev and Natalya Shlyk
The role of Alaskan stream eddies in the dynamics of the Kamchatka Current and Western Pacific Subpolar Gyre [will be posted later]

Taketo Hashioka, Yasuhiro Yamanaka, Fumitake Shido and Takashi T. Sakamoto
Ecosystem change in the western North Pacific associated with global warming obtained by 3-D ecosystem model [will be posted later]

Michael Alexander, Antonietta Capotondi, Art Miller, Doug Neilson, Fei Chai and Richard Brodeur
Decadal variability in the North Pacific Ocean in a coupled physical-ecosystem model [pdf, 2.7 Mb]

Richard Beamish, R. Sweeting, C. Neville and K. Lange
Shifts in trends in the dominance of Pacific salmon in the Strait of Georgia are related to life history strategies, regimes and climate warming [pdf, 1.1 Mb]

Svetlana V. Davidova
The ichthyoplankton samples as indirect characteristic of the thermal regime of the ocean [pdf, 0.4 Mb]

Jennifer L. Boldt and Kerim Aydin
Current status and historical trend indicators of climate effects on the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska Ecosystems [pdf, 0.7 Mb]

Yongjun Tian, Hideaki Kidokoro, Tatsuro Watanabe and Naoki Iguchi
The late-1980s regime shift in the ecosystem of Tsushima Warm Current in the Japan/East Sea: Evidence of historical data and possible mechanisms [pdf, 1.9 Mb]

Richard D. Brodeur, Mary Beth Decker, Lorenzo Ciannelli, Jennifer E. Purcell, Nicholas A. Bond, Phyllis J. Stabeno, George L. Hunt, Jr. and Erika Acuna
The rise and fall of large medusae in the Bering Sea in relation to regime shifts [pdf, 4.1 Mb]

Daniel Lluch-Belda
An integration of the sardine-anchovy regime variation in the Pacific Ocean [pdf, 13.8 Mb]


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