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Theme 2

Thursday , April 20, 2006

Sinjae Yoo and Harold Batchelder (Invited)
Seasonal, inter-annual and ENSO scale changes in the North Pacific ecosystems [will be posted later]

Albert J. Hermann, Thomas M. Powell, Elizabeth L. Dobbins, Enrique N. Curchitser and Dale B. Haidvogel
A model-based investigation of lower trophic level covariance across the Northeast Pacific on interannual time scales [will be posted later]

Vera N. Agostini, Jodie E. Little, J.C. Field, Robert C. Francis and Anne B. Hollowed
Hake habitat in the California Current System: Distribution, dynamics and ecosystem implications [pdf, 0.9 Mb]

Jodie E. Little, R.C. Francis, M.G. Dalton and J.C. Field
Quantifying tradeoffs between ecology, economy and climate in the northern California Current ecosystem [pdf, 1 Mb]

Miriam J. Doyle, Susan J. Picquelle, Kathryn L. Mier and Mick Spillane
Climate-ecosystem connections in the Northeast Pacific Ocean: Linkages between Gulf of Alaska ichthyoplankton and physics at the local and basin scales [pdf, 1.1 Mb]

Alexei I. Pinchuk, Kenneth O. Coyle and Russell R. Hopcroft
Climate-related changes in abundance and reproduction of dominant euphausiids in the northern Gulf of Alaska in 1998-2004 [pdf, 1.4 Mb]

Thomas C. Kline, Jr.
Salmon meta-population response to oceanic carbon subsidies during early marine feeding: Climate change implications [n/a]

Sukyung Kang, Ki Baik Seong, Chae Sung Lee, Young Hee Hur and Cheul Ho Lee
The impacts of environmental variations on long-term changes of biological characteristics and run timing of Korean chum salmon (Oncorhynchus keta) [pdf, 0.4 Mb]

Bernard A. Megrey, George L. Hunt, Jr. and Jeffrey M. Napp
Do pollock have an impact on planktivores in the eastern Bering Sea? [will be posted later]

Alexei M. Orlov and Vasily A. Ul’chenko
Multi-annual changes of bottom temperatures in the Pacific off the North Kurils and South Kamchatka and demography of selected groundfish species [pdf, 1.7 Mb]

Jeffrey J. Polovina, Fei Chai, Donald Kobayashi, Lei Shi and Yi Chao
North Pacific ecosystem dynamics investigated with satellite remotely sensed oceanographic data and a coupled physical-ecosystem model, 1990-2004 [pdf, 3 Mb]

Eun Jung Kim, Suam Kim and Dae-Yeon Moon
The responses in distribution and biology of tropical tuna species in relation to ENSO [pdf, 1.3 Mb]

Jason D. Baker, Jeffrey J. Polovina and Evan A. Howell
Apparent link between survival of juvenile Hawaiian monk seals and ocean productivity [pdf, 3 Mb]

Kerim Aydin and the CCCC CFAME Task Team
Redefining carrying capacity ten years onward? CCCC research on a moving target [pdf, 1.1 Mb]


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