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POC Paper Session

Michael Foreman, Barbara Hickey, Vera Trainer, Amy MacFadyen and Emanuele Di Lorenzo
Preliminary modelling and observational studies of the Juan de Fuca Eddy.
pdf (1.9 MB)

A. Krovnin, G. Khen, A. Figurkin, Yu. Sorokin, E. Ustinova, M. Bogdanov, G. Moury and M. Kruzhalov
Recent climatic changes in the Northwest Pacific.
pdf (179 KB)

Dmitri D. Kaplunenko and Vladimir I. Ponomarev
Assessing the climate change tendencies in the Northeast Asia and Northwest Pacific using the multiple imputation method.
pdf (1.07 MB)

Kyung-Il Chang and Y.B. Kim
Disappearance of the East Korean Warm Current in the southwestern East Sea.
pdf (4.08 MB)

Young-Gyu Park, Kyung-Hee Oh, Moon-Sik Suk and Kyoung-Il Chang
Intermediate level circulation in the southwestern part of the Japan/East Sea from subsurface floats.
pdf (3 MB)

Sung-Hyun Nam, Sang-Jin Lyu and Kuh Kim
The corrections of the high-frequency (2-20 days) fluctuation effects on the TOPEX/POSEIDON altimeter data in the East (Japan) Sea.
pdf (2.54 MB)

Young-Ho Kim and Kuh Kim
The effects of horizontal resolution in a Z-coordinate model of the East/Japan Sea.
pdf (6.08 MB)

See-Whan Kang, Ki-Cheon Jun, Kwang-Soon Park and Sang-Ik Kim
A sensitivity analysis of typhoon wind models with wind observations in Northeast Asian Sea.
pdf (2.95 MB)

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