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Session 3: CCCC REX Topic Session. Influence of fishing and/or invasive species on ecosystem structure in coastal regions around the Pacific Rim.

Jeffery R. Cordell, Stephen M. Bollens, Olga Kalata, Rian Hoof and Sean Avent
Introduced copepods and ecological change in estuaries of the Pacific coast of the United States.
pdf (2.64 MB)

Tdanori Fujino, Hidetada Kiyofuji, Kazushi Miyashita and Ryo Kawabe
Do squid fishing lights affect the nitrogen cycle in the Japan/East Sea?
pdf (3.07 MB)

Steven J. Martell and Sean P. Cox
Information requirements for assessing trophic impacts of fisheries on ecosystems.
pdf (710 KB)

Anatoliy Ya. Velikanov
Long-term variability of pelagic fishes composition in the Tatar Strait (Sea of Japan) in connection with migrations of subtropical species.
pdf (1.02 MB)

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