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Session 4: MEQ/BIO Topic Session. Aquaculture in the ocean ecosystem.

Richard J. Beamish, D. Noakes, C.M. Neville, R.M. Sweeting and A.J. Benson
Will climate change and aquaculture increase the abundance of Pacific salmon?
pdf (123 KB)

Sungchul C. Bai, Xiao-Jie Wang, Semin Choi and Kyungmin Han
Present status and future prospects of world and Korean aquaculture industry, and development of low pollution diets for a sustainable, environmentally and economically sound aquaculture industry.
pdf (2.09 MB)

Mac V. Rawson, Changsheng Chen, Dao-Ru Wang, Charles Yarish and James B. Sullivan
Approaching coastal aquaculture from an ecosystem perspective.
pdf (4.79 MB)

Yu-Feng Yang, Shi-Kui Zhai, Zhi-Gang Yu and Ik-Kyo Chung
Development of mariculture and its impacts in Chinese coastal waters.
pdf (2.04 MB)

Sahoo Dinabandhu
Role of seaweeds in aquaculture - an Indian perspective.
pdf (4.6 MB)

Nikoliona Petkova Kovatcheva
Red king crab (Paralithodes camtschaticus) artificial cultivation - as a method of restoration its natural populations.
pdf (4.85 MB)

Hiroshi Shimada, Hiroki Asami and Iori Tanaka
The occurrence of paralytic shellfish poisoning in summer and distribution of causative organism in the Sea of Okhotsk along the northeastern coast of Hokkaido, Japan.
pdf (1.34 MB)

Chul-Hyun Sohn, Ik-Kyo Chung, Yu-Feng Yang and Charles Yarish
Historical review and future perspectives of aquaculture industry in Korea.
pdf (3.07 MB)

Hajime Kimura, Hajime Kimura and Masahiro Notoya
Ulva pertusa and Undaria undarioides culture for reducing nitrogen from fish culture area in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan.
pdf (1.26 MB)

Hyung-Seop Kim, Wonho Yih, Geumog Myung and Young Geel Kim
Cultured marine photosynthetic ciliate Mesodinium rubrum as a potential live feed species for aquacultured animals.
pdf (886 KB)

Carolyn S. Friedman
Aquaculture, animal health and sustainability.
pdf (5.3 MB)

Ik-Kyo Chung, Si-Jung Ryu, Yun-He Kang, Jin-Ae Lee, Tae-Ho Seo, Jong-Ahm Shin, Charles Yarish and Yu-Feng Yang
Evaluation of the bioremediation capability of the seaweed aquaculture in Korea.
pdf (1.31 MB)

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