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FIS Paper Session

Churchill Grimes, Daniel Goodman, Peter Lawson, Richard Marasco, Andre Punt and Terry Quinn
Ecosystem-based fishery management; A pragmatic approach
(pdf, 0.9 Mb)

Chang-Ik Zhang, Jae Bong Lee and Sun-Kil Lee
Size-based indicators to evaluate ecosystem variations in Korean waters
(pdf, 0.5 Mb)

Doug Hay and Tom Therriault
Climate change: Important impacts on unimportant species?
(pdf, 1.9 Mb)

Naoki Tojo, Gordon H. Kruse and Terrance J. Quinn II
Environmental cues for herring spawning timing in northern Bristol Bay, Alaska
(pdf, 2.1 Mb)

Jong-Hun Na, Zang Geun Kim and Chang Ik Zhang
Estimation of growth parameters of minke whale, Balaenoptera acutorostrata, in Korean waters
(pdf, 0.7 Mb)

Hidetada Kiyofuji, Evan Howell, Katsuya Saitoh, Sei-Ichi Saitoh and Jeffrey Polovina
Spatial and temporal dynamics of albacore tuna (Thunnus alalunga) and blue shark (Prionace glauca) in the Kuroshio Extension area
(pdf, 2.4 Mb)

Evan A. Howell, Donald R. Kobayashi and Jeffrey J. Polovina
Identifying critical habitat of swordfish and loggerhead turtles from fishery, satellite tag, and environmental data
(pdf, 0.9 Mb)

Nanami Kumagai, Hidetada Kiyofuji and Sei-Ichi Saitoh
Distributions of squid fishing grounds and their relationship to sea surface temperature and chlorophyll-a concentration in the Japan Sea
(pdf, 2.9 Mb)

Gordon A. McFarlane and Jacquelynne R. King
Migration patterns of big skate (Raja binoculata) based on a large-scale tagging study in northern British Columbia waters: Preliminary results
(N/A, permission denied)

Alexander I. Glubokov
Status of fishes in the outer shelf and upper slope of the Northern and Western Bering Sea
(pdf, 0.4 Mb)

Kazushi Miyashita, Atsumu Watanabe, Saho Morioka, Yoshihiro Ikewaki, Ryu-ichi Matsukura and Hiroki Yasuma
Acoustic monitoring of Japanese anchovy (Engraulis japonicus) post-larvae “shirasu”
(pdf, 1.9 Mb)

Min Ho Kang, Jung Youn Park and Suam Kim
Genetic variations and differences of chum salmon (Oncorhynchus keta) collected from the Bering Sea and along the North Pacific region
(pdf, 1.8 Mb)

Elizabeth A. Logerwell, A.B. Hollowed, C.D. Wilson, P. Walline, P. Munro, M.E. Conners, S. McDermott, S. Neidetcher, D. Cooper and K. Rand
Fish ecology plays a key role in understanding the potential for commercial fishing to impact prey fields of endangered Steller sea lions

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