Report 18 (September 2001)

Proceedings of the PICES/CoML/IPRC Workshop on
Impact of Climate Variability on Observation and Prediction of Ecosystem and Biodiversity Changes in the North Pacific

Full issue [pdf, 48.8 Mb]

Separate articles:

Table of Contents [pdf, 0.09 Mb]

Section I - Presentations and Discussions at Plenary Sessions

Introduction and Overview of Workshop Objectives [pdf, 0.07 Mb]

Plenary Session Presentations [pdf, 2.23 Mb]

Reports of the Breakout Group Discussions [pdf, 0.43 Mb]

Closing Plenary Discussion and Recommendations [pdf, 0.11 Mb]

Section II - Extended Abstracts of Individual Presentations at Breakout Group Sessions

Breakout Group 1: Physical/Chemical Oceanography and Climate [pdf, 6.14 Mb]

Breakout Group 2: Phytoplankton, Zooplankton, Micronekton and Benthos [pdf, 28.14 Mb]

Breakout Group 3: Fish, Squid, Crabs and Shrimps [pdf, 4.30 Mb]

Breakout Group 4: Highly Migratory Fishes, Seabirds and Marine Mammals [pdf, 6.27 Mb]

Appendix 1. Workshop agenda [pdf, 0.15 Mb]

Appendix 2. List of participants [pdf, 0.13 Mb]


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