Report 20 (August 2002)


REPORT OF 2001 BASS/MODEL, MONITOR and REX Workshops, and the 2002 MODEL/REX Workshop

download full report (pdf, 3 Mb) Table of Contents [pdf, 0.22 Mb]

Executive Summary [pdf, 0.31 Mb]

Report of the 2001 BASS/MODEL Workshop [pdf, 0.65 Mb]
To review ecosystem models for the subarctic gyres

Report of the 2001 MONITOR Workshop [pdf, 0.7 Mb]
To review ecosystem models for the subarctic gyres

Workshop presentations:
Sonia D. Batten
PICES Continuous Plankton Recorder pilot project

Phillip R. Mundy
GEM (Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council`s "Gulf Ecosystem Monitoring" initiative) and U.S. GOOS plans in the North Pacific

Ron McLaren and Brian O`Donnell
A proposal for a North Pacific Action group of the international Data Buoy Cooperation Panel

Gilberto Gaxiola-Castrol and Sila Najera-Martinez
The Mexican oceanographic North Pacific program: IMECOCAL

Sydney Levitus
Building global ocean profile and plankton databases for scientific research

Report of the 2001 REX Workshop [pdf, 1.73 Mb]
On temporal variations in size-at-age for fish species in coastal areas around the Pacific Rim

Workshop presentations:
Brian J. Pyper, Randall M. Peterman, Michael F. Lapointe and Carl J. Walters
[pdf, 0.33 Mb]
Spatial patterns of covariation in size-at-age of British Columbia and Alaska sockeye salmon stocks and effects of abundance and ocean temperature

R. Bruce MacFarlane, Steven Ralston, Chantell Royer and Elizabeth C. Norton [pdf, 0.4 Mb]
Influences of the 1997-1998 El Niño and 1999 La Niña on juvenile Chinook salmon in the Gulf of the Farallones

Olga S. Temnykh and Sergey L. Marchenko [pdf, 0.5 Mb]
Variability of the pink salmon sizes in relation with abundance of Okhotsk Sea stocks

Ludmila A. Chernoivanova, Alexander N. Vdoven and D.V. Antonenko [pdf, 0.3 Mb]
The characteristic growth rate of herring in Peter the Great Bay (Japan/East Sea)

Nikolay I. Naumenko [pdf, 0.5 Mb]
Temporal variations in size-at-age of the western Bering Sea herring

Evelyn D. Brown [pdf, 0.45 Mb]
Effects of climate on Pacific herring, Clupea pallasii, in the northern Gulf of Alaska and Prince William Sound, Alaska

Jake Schweigert, Fritz Funk, Ken Oda and Tom Moore [pdf, 0.6 Mb]
Herring size-at-age variation in the North Pacific

Ron W. Tanasichuk [pdf, 0.3 Mb]
Implications of variation in euphausiid productivity for the growth, production and resilience of Pacific herring (Clupea pallasi) from the southwest coast of Vancouver Island

Chikako Watanabe, Ahihiko Yatsu and Yoshiro Watanabe [pdf, 0.3 Mb]
Changes in growth with fluctuation of chub mackerel abundance in the Pacific waters off central Japan from 1970 to 1997

Yoshiro Watanabe, Yoshiaki Hiyama, Chikako Watanabe and Shiro Takayana [pdf, 0.35 Mb]
Inter-decadal fluctuations in length-at-age of Hokkaido-Sakhalin herring and Japanese sardine in the Sea of Japan

Pavel A. Balykin and Alexander V. Buslov [pdf, 0.4 Mb]
Long-term variability in length of walley pollock in the western Bering Sea and east Kamchtka

Alexander A. Bonk [pdf, 0.4 Mb]
Effect of population abundance increase on herring distribution in the western Bering Sea

Sergey N. Tarasyuk [pdf, 0.4 Mb]
Survival of yellowfin sole (Limanda aspera Pallas) in the northern part of the Tatar Strait (Sea of Japan) during the second half of the 20th century

Report of the 2002 MODEL/REX Workshop [pdf, 1.2 Mb]
To develop a marine ecosystem model of the North Pacific Ocean including pelagic fishes

Summary and Overview [pdf, 0.4 Mb]

Workshop presentations:
Bernard A. Megrey, Kenny Rose, Francisco E. Werner, Robert A. Klumb and Douglas E. Hay
[pdf, 0.47 Mb]
A generalized fish bioenergetics/biomass model with an application to Pacific herring

Robert A. Klumb [pdf, 0.34 Mb]
Review of Clupeid biology with emphasis on energetics

Douglas E. Hay [pdf, 0.47 Mb]
Reflections of factors affecting size-at-age and strong year classes of herring in the North Pacific

Shin-ichi Ito, Yutaka Kurita, Yoshioki Oozeki, Satoshi Suyama, Hiroya Sugisaki and Yongjin Tian [pdf, 0.34 Mb]
Review for Pacific saury (Cololabis saira) study under the VENFISH project

lexander V. Leonov and Gennady A. Kantakov [pdf, 0.34 Mb]
Formalization of interactions between chemical and biological compartments in the mathematical model describing the transformation of nitrogen, phosphorus, silicon and carbon compounds

Herring group report and model results [pdf, 0.34 Mb]

Saury group report and model results [pdf, 0.46 Mb]

Model experiments and hypotheses
[pdf, 0.4 Mb]

Achievements and future steps
[pdf, 0.29 Mb]

References [pdf, 0.32 Mb]

Appendix 1. List of Participants [pdf, 0.32 Mb]

Appendices 2-5. FORTRAN codes [pdf, 0.4 Mb]


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