Report 40 (December 2011)

Report of Working Group 20 on Evaluations of Climate Change Projections

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  1. Introduction 1
  2. Executive Summary and Recommendations
    2.1 Summary of WG 20 Activities against Each of the Terms of Reference
    2.2 Recommendations
    2.3 References 6
  3. Activities of Working Group Members 9
    3.1 The North Pacific Ocean in the enhanced greenhouse: Simulations with the Canadian Earth System
Model, CanESM1
James R. Christian
    3.2 Climate trends and projections along the British Columbia continental shelf
Michael G.G. Foreman, William J. Merryfield, Badal Pal, Diane Masson, Wendy Callendar,
John Morrison and Isaac Fine
    3.3 Ecosystem projections for the Kuroshio-Oyashio system
Yasuhiro Yamanaka, Taketo Hashioka and Takeshi Okunishi
    3.4 GCM projections of changes to mixed layer depth in the North Pacific Ocean 43
      A. Changes in the mixed layer depth in the North Pacific Ocean due to global warming and
their impact on primary production
Chan Joo Jang, Jisoo Park, Taewook Park and Sinjae Yoo
      B. Changes in the MLD in the equatorial tropical Pacific Ocean and their relation with ENSO
under climate change projections
Sang-Wook Yeh, Bo Young Yim, Yign Noh and Boris Dewitte
    3.5 Interactions between global climate and World Ocean ecosystems
Vadim V. Navrotsky
    3.6 Evaluation of climatic variability in the Far-Eastern Seas using regional data sets and the relationship
with large-scale climate processes
Elena I. Ustinova and Yury I. Zuenko
    3.7 Up- and down-scaling effects of upwelling in the California Current System
Enrique Curchitser, Justin Small, Kate Hedstrom and William Large
    3.8 Pacific climate variability in IPCC coupled climate models
Jason Furtado and Emanuele Di Lorenzo
    3.9 Examples of using Global Climate Models for regional climate projections
Muyin Wang and James E. Overland
  Appendix 1  
    Working Group on Evaluations of Climate Change Predictions (WG 20) Terms of Reference 123
  Appendix 2  
    Working Group on Evaluations of Climate Change Predictions (WG 20) Membership 124
  Appendix 3  
    Working Group on North Pacific Climate Variability and Change (WG 27) Terms of Reference 126
  Appendix 4  
    Working Group on Regional Climate Modeling (WG 29) Terms of Reference 127
  Appendix 5  
    WG 20 Annual Reports 128
  Appendix 6  
    PICES Press Articles 160
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