Report 42 (July 2013)

Report of Working Group 22 on Iron Supply and its Impact on Biogeochemistry
and Ecosystems in the North Pacific Ocean

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  Executive Summary v
  1. Introduction 1
  2. Dissolved Iron Data Set of the North Pacific
  3. Iron Biogeochemistry and its Impact on Biological Productivity and Marine Ecosystems
in the North Pacific Ocean
  4. Natural Supplies of Iron to the North Pacific 11
  5. Modeling Activities 15
  6. Recommendations for the Future of Iron Biogeochemistry Studies within PICES 19
  Appendix 1   WG 22 Terms of Reference 21
  Appendix 2   WG 22 Membership 22
  Appendix 3   Some Recent Publications on Iron Supplies and Biogeochemical Responses 25
  Appendix 4   WG 22 Annual Reports and Topic Session/Workshop Summaries 27
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