PICES 2012 Annual Meeting
Effects of natural and anthropogenic stressors in the North Pacific ecosystems: Scientific challenges and possible solutions
October 12–21, Hiroshima, Japan
Social Events

Download the map of the International Conference Center Area (pdf, jpg)

Welcome Reception (Oct. 15, 18:30-20:30)

The Welcome Reception for all participants and registered guests will be held at the International Conference Center Hiroshima, rooms “Dahlia 1 and 2”

Sport Events (Oct. 16, 18:30-20:30)

Download Hiroshima Green Arena Information (pdf, 0.5 Mb)

Two sport events will be held at the "small arena" of the "Hiroshima Prefectural Sports Center" on Oct. 16 evening.
It is within the walking distance from the PICES venue, near the Rhiga Royal Hotel.

The first (main) event is "futsal". We need to know participants' "name, age, sex" in order to purchase an insurance (in case of an injury). Please email this information to Zhuojun Ma, PICES Intern, with "PICES-2012 sport event" in the subject line, if you are planning to participate..

The second event is "Ken-Dama". This is a traditional Japanese toy which consists of two wooden cups of different sizes placed on the center of a wooden spike and smaller cup with a ball connected by a string. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kendama
Hatsukaichi city (where our Institute is located) is known as the the home of "Ken-Dama". We will invite "Ken-dama" master from Hatsukaichi city, and he will give a demonstration and help us to enjoy some game using "Ken-Dama".
This event will be held at spectator stand (3F) of the small arena.

Extravaganza Dinner (Oct. 17, 19:00-21:00)

We will have an Extravaganza Dinner at PICES 2012 on Oct. 17 (Wednesday) at the Mitakiso Restaurant (website in Japanese only :  http://www.novarese.co.jp/mts/restaurant/ ).  This restaurant complex used to be an exclusive venue for government high officials and influential businessmen, but has opened to the public in recent years.  The setting and nuance of the complex is traditionally Japanese with a classic serene garden (photos:  http://www.novarese.co.jp/mts/photostory/ ), and they feature high-class traditional Japanese cuisine.  The ticket price of the dinner will be CAD$130 this time (sorry the yen exchange rate is not helping us!)  Drinks will be included with the courses, and bus transportation will be arranged. 

The capacity of our room in the restaurant is limited to 50.  *** Because of the limited capacity, the event is as usual expected to sell out very fast, so please understand that we cannot hold any seats without actual payment. ***  If you wish to go to this dinner, please contact Ms. Christina Chiu by e-mail with your credit card number and expiry (year/month) (Visa and MasterCard only).  To be extra cautious you can send this information over several messages. 

Wine & Cheese Poster Session Reception (Oct. 18, 18:00-20:30)

The “Wine & Cheese” Poster Session at the meeting venue will allow participants to roam around the poster displays and chat with presenters while sipping beer or wine and nibbling on hot and cold hor d’oevres.


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