Symposium Schedule (last update - April 9)  
May 22 S 4.1: Impacts on lower trophic levels
10:30 Introduction by Convenors
10:35 Angel López-Urrutia (Invited)
Temperature rules the oceans biota
11:00 Sanae Chiba (Invited)
Anyway the wind blows… Scenario from climate to the lower trophic levels in the western North Pacific
11:25 Clara Ruiz-González
Effects of increasing UV radiation on arctic bacterioplankton community structure and activity
11:40 Jeffrey J. Polovina
Ocean’s least productive waters are expanding
11:55 Rafel Simó
Role of microzooplankton grazing in the DMS cycle: laboratory and field studies
12:10 Severine Alvain 
Shifts in phytoplankton ecosystem composition and large scale indices of climate variability
12:25 William K.W. Li
Propagation of an atmospheric climate signal to local phytoplankton in a small marine basin
12:40 Xosé Anxelu G. Morán
Ocean warming and phytoplankton size
12:55 Stephanie Henson
Decadal changes in North Atlantic phytoplankton blooms
13:10  Lunch
14:30 Liam Fernand
The future of shelf seas: Projections and observations of changes in the thermal structure and consequences for primary production and water quality
14:45 Mark D. Ohman
A mechanistic perspective on ecosystem response to climate variability: the California Current Ecosystem LTER site
15:00 Andrew D. Barton
How does climate change impact the biodiversity of marine phytoplankton communities in the North Atlantic Ocean?
15:15 Christian Möllmann
Ecosystem consequences of decadal changes in energy and carbon flows due to climate-induced changes in Baltic zooplankton
15:30 Fernando Gómez (changed Apr. 9)
Microplankton response to climatic variability in the English Channel and western Mediterranean Sea
15:45 Antonio Bode
Surface warming, decreasing upwelling intensity and plankton off Galicia (NW Spain)
16:00 Anthony J. Richardson
The jellyfish joyride: Can we stop oceans sliding down the slippery slope to slimy stingers?
16:15 Ilaria Nardello
Effects of North Atlantic climate variations on the Irish marine ecosystem
16:30 Taketo Hashioka
Impacts of global warming on lower-trophic level ecosystem projected by a 3-D high-resolution ecosystem model
16:45 David Mackas
SCOR WG125 “Global comparison of zooplankton time series”: A summary of results
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