Symposium Schedule (last update - April 15)  
May 18 W2&W3: Linking Global Climate Model output to (a) trends in commercial species productivity and (b) changes in broader biological communities in the World's oceans
9:40 Round Table Discussion of Existing or Planned Research: Quest-FISH (Holt), FATE (Hollowed), PICES FUTURE (Foreman), NPRB BSIERP (Pautzke), Ministry of Fisheries New Zealand (Livingston), IMBER (TBD)
10:40 Coffee Break
11:00 Nicholas A. Bond
A method for using IPCC model simulations to project changes in marine ecosystems
11:30 Mary E. Livingston
Climate change, oceanic response and possible effects on fish stocks in New Zealand waters
11:45 Jae Bong Lee
Forecasting climate change impacts on distribution and abundance of jack mackerel around Korean waters
12:00 Sukyung Kang 
Techniques for forecasting climate-induced variation in the distribution and abundance of mackerels in the Northwestern Pacific
12:15 Adriaan Rijnsdorp 
Effects of climate change on sole and plaice: Timing of spawning, length of the growth period and rate of growth
12:30 Z. Teresa A'mar
The impact on management performance of including indicators of environmental variability in management strategies for the Gulf of Alaska walleye pollock fishery
12:45 Michael J. Schirripa
Simulation testing two methods of including environmental data into stock assessments
13:00 Alan Haynie
Climate change and changing fisher behavior in the Bering Sea pollock fishery
13:15 U.K. Singh
Large scale circulation over west Indian Ocean and south west monsoon
13:30  Lunch
14:30 Introduction to the afternoon and discussion
15:00 Jorge L. Sarmiento
Modeling response of ocean biology to climate warming using an empirical approach
15:15 Taketo Hashioka
Future ecosystem changes projected by a 3-D high-resolution ecosystem model
15:30 William W. L. Cheung
Dynamic bioclimate envelope model to predict climate-induced changes in distribution of marine fishes and invertebrates
15:45 Alistair J. Hobday
Informing location choices for ecosystem model development using a vulnerability index
16:00 Coffee Break
16:30 Simone Libralato
Towards the integration of biogeochemical and food web models for a comprehensive description of marine ecosystem dynamics
16:45 Steven Mackinson
Which forcing factors fit? Using ecosystem models to investigate the relative influence of fishing and primary productivity on the dynamics of marine ecosystems
17:00 Sheila J.J. Heymans
The effects of climate change on the northern Benguela ecosystem
Discussion of common approaches and workshop synthesis
18:00 Adjourn
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