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May 18 W6: Storm surges and flooding in the Baltic Sea
9:30 Josef Y. Cherniawsky
Introduction: Storm surges and flooding in the Baltic Sea (NATO Science for Peace Project 981382)
I. Observations and Analyses of Sea Level Data (Chair: K. Klevannyy)
9:50 Aleksander Toompuu
Extreme sea level statistics along the Estonian coast
10:20 Alexander S. Averkiev
Calculation of extreme water level rises along the western part of the Gulf of Finland
10:50 Oleg P. Nikitin
Sea level trends along the coast of the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea
11:20 Coffee Break
11:30 Alexander B. Rabinovich
On diurnal tidal resonance in the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Finland
12:00 Evgueni A. Kulikov
Spectral analysis of sea level in the Gulf of Finland
12:30 Josef Y. Cherniawsky
Sea level variability and trends from satellite altimetry and tide gauges in the Eastern Baltic Sea
13:00  Lunch
II. Modelling and Forecasting of Water Level (Chair: E. Kulikov)
14:30 Alexander B. Rabinovich
Prof. Alexei Vsevolodovich Nekrasov (1933-2008)
14:50 Stanislav D. Martyanov
Influence of cyclone parameters upon the characteristics of storm surges in St. Petersburg
15:20 Andrey O. Koch
Numerical study of wind-driven circulation in the Gulf of Finland with the Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS)
15:50 Coffee Break
16:00 Evgueni A. Kulikov
Numerical modeling of the Baltic sea-level variability
16:30 Herman Gerritsen
Model development for flood forecast improvement in The Netherlands
17:00 Konstantin A. Klevannyy
Recent improvements in automated flood forecasting system for St. Petersburg
17:30 Discussion and Summary
18:00 Adjourn
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